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Why an artist make a self-portrait?


Self-portraits are not a new thing in art, the self-portrait painting is an old form of selfie, but still, the artist makes the self-portrait paintings. So it leads to a question as to what is a self –portrait? Well, a self-portrait is a representation of an artist that is created by an artist. With painting, an artist feels free to represent anything on a mind that can be imagined, with photography artist which needs more realistic.

How is a portrait different from a self-portrait?


Portrait is an old version of art that started in ancient Egypt, which flourished 5,000 years ago. In those times, it is considered the only way of recording the appearance of one through painting, drawing, or sculpture. The portrait is created to represent a person in which their face and expression are predominant.

Self Portrait: 

The artist’s self-portrait is an exciting part of portraits. Even though the self-portraits are made in the early period, it is not till the early renaissance. A self-portrait represents the artist about himself, which is not essential to be representational. The artist feels free to put himself in the painting to state their psychological state of mind.

Why the artist make a self-portrait?


The self-portrait is a way of practice for the artist; the more they practice, the more well-known paintings they make. The more practice is, the better.

A convenient model

It is easy for an artist to draw from life by using models. The models can cost much, which adds expense. So drawing from life while looking at the mirror is a lot easier and cheaper. Making a self-portrait is more convenient as one can always pose for one’s self whenever one wants.


The artist also used self-portraits to explore themes and ideas in their piece of art.

Art History

In the renaissance period, a woman couldn’t be an artist. The woman was not provided with the option of an artist. The woman couldn’t attend the drawing classes, so the women solve this problem by practicing with their friends or even themselves.

Unlock the imagination

An artist always imagines even through simple things. They have better imagination as compared to others. Some artists  at Fame art gallery represent themselves with various styles, moods, and colors to escape from reality, which expands their imagination to think differently.

A reminder of one’s origins

Through drawing, it reminds of one’s roots. Every time one draws, it represents their ancestral origin.

The self-portrait of wedding is a part of the remembrance with the evolution of human self-portraits that will never go down. It is like a seed that extends more with growing time. It is a skill that motivates and fosters one self-esteem, reminds of one’s origin, and helps connect with others.

A child’s portrait paintings which is a reminder of the child’s particular memory stored forever. This helps the child to remind of that moment even if they grow old. So these are a treasure for the families. Suppose one is thinking of painting your child’s portrait but struggling to find a good painter. In this article, we will be providing you a few guides on how to choose the best painters and the skills required in a painter to have a good portrait of your child. It is essential to keep some necessary things in mind before choosing a children’s portrait painting artist.



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