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What are Promoted Ads on Twitter?


Twitter is an American microblogging and social media platform to express your views in the world community. As a Twitter user, When you want to reach your right audience or business services to customers, Twitter Paid Promotion helps you increase your reach on Twitter.

Promoted ads is another name for the Twitter paid promotion. It is regular tweets purchased by advertisers who want that tweet to reach a greater audience or engage their existing followers. 

When an advertiser pays for their advertising on Twitter, all promoted ads are clearly labelled “Promoted.” In every other way, Boosted Twitter Posts are similar to regular Tweets, allowing your Tweets to be retweeted, liked, replied to, and more.

Promoted ads may contain text and images, or videos. 

Where To See Promoted Ads?

When you run promoted ads, there are several places where the promoted ads you run are shown:

  1. Search Result: Your ads are shown at the top of relevant search results pages on Twitter, and promoted ads from your advertising partners have shown at the top of some search result pages. They have also been shown through selected ecosystem partners.
  1. Search results for Trend: When you click on Trend takeover, you may also see a promoted ad in the search results. 
  1. Timeline. Promoted ads may show up in a user’s timeline when an advertiser has promoted a Tweet that is pertinent to their search.
  1. User Profiles: Ads promoted by advertisers are displayed on select profiles that fit the targeting credentials configured for a campaign.
  1. Official Twitter client: May also serve Promoted ads from advertising partners through Twitter’s official desktop and mobile clients, including Twitter for iPhone, Mac, and Android. 

Note: An advertiser can see a promoted ad not displayed on the advertiser’s profile page. Highly targeted contextual promoted ads are an option to only send to specific audiences without you still reaching your followers through search. Any promoted advertisement you see is still a part of Twitter, though, and can typically be found by conducting a tweet search.

When Do You See Promoted Ads? 

Twitter is, first and foremost, focused on providing a user experience. As a result, they are thinking about how promoted ads display and how many people see them in a single day.

Any promoted ad a user sees in their feeds appears only once at or near the top of their timeline. Then, the ad will scroll through its timeline like any other tweet.

Twitter also provides the user with the option to ignore the ad if he doesn’t like it, in which he can remove the ad from the timeline by clicking I don’t like this ad.

How Do Promote Ads 

Twitter is ready to serve promoted ads when the advertiser pays a selected amount for their placement on Twitter. Any user among all Twitter users can start a paid promotion on Twitter, and those ads help you achieve your advertising goals. All Twitter advertisers who may run their ads are subject to the Twitter Advertising Policies.   

A Certain Ad Appears To The User On Twitter

Why do users see a certificate ad on their Twitter account because Twitter Your activity, the information you provide, and Twitter relationships with advertising partners all help make Promoted Content more relevant to Users.

When users use Twitter to follow, tweet, search, view, or interact with Tweets or Twitter accounts, Twitter can use these functions to customize ads.

For example, if users search for a specific term, they can show you promoted content related to that topic. Other information about the Twitter user, such as user profile information, mobile device location (if location features are turned on), user IP address, and users may customize advertisements using the applications installed on the device. It helps Twitter show user-based and other ads you might like. 

Twitter may also personalize ads based on the information Twitter collects. It helps display ads you’ve already shown interest in from brands and businesses. 

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