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Water Parks California


We’re conveniently located, and affordable and offer a variety of attractions to suit everyone from little kids to big kids. Visit us for fun days out by the pool or hot summer days at our waterpark! Click Here for More Information. The water is warm and the days are sunny!  Come to Water Parks California, home to beautiful beaches, a cool climate, and famous water parks!

What could be better than a lazy day in the sun? Why not spend it at an amusement park?

Let’s go together to enjoy our trip to Water Parks California! Water Parks California has over 50 years of experience in providing water park entertainment and is proud to offer some of the most advanced rides on earth. Everyone from families with young kids, teens, and adults can enjoy a visit to one of our many parks around California.

Powerful Waters Los Angeles (located in San Dimas) is revered as the largest waterpark in all of California. The famous waterpark gives out over 50 acres with more than a dozen rides. While the park features a ton of crazy rides, the live music events set it apart from the rest. Dining options are plentiful at Raging Waters. The waterpark contains the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs, Carl’s Jr., and Dunkin Donuts, among others

 Hurricane Harbor Water Park

Now occupying the waterpark that was originally called Water world, the new Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord in Northern California features 35 different rides you won’t find at other parks. Stirring is the best way to describe the rides at Hurricane Harbor.

From the free-falling Break Point Drop to the six-story Tornado, this is the place for adventurists. Besides the hair-raising rides, the park also features more relaxing rides for those who want to relax.

The park recently announced the building of the first new ride in a decade, Splash water Island, which will include interactive elements for kids of all ages. Since the park is newly opened under the Six Flags name, it’s a good idea to check the website for variable open hours.

Splash Kingdom Waterpark

Open for over two decades, the Inland Empire’s premiere waterpark Splash Kingdom has been an oasis for Californians for years. More than a water park, Splash Kingdom is also the home of a massive trampoline park, climbing walls, and 3D trampoline dodgeball. If you’re driving by, you won’t miss it: the entrance features a giant sculpture of a pharaoh wearing sunglasses

Boomerang Bay

Included in the admission for California’s Great America theme park, Boomerang Bay features a myriad of kid-friendly water park rides. Positioned in Santa Clara, the water park has ride options for anyone in the family. Take a plunge on one of the rapid-moving water slides or rent an inner tube (for free!) to float around.

It’s a good indication to plan ahead before your trip and bring the appropriate swimwear. Be sure to check the calendar for park hours that vary contingent on the date. If you want to make the most of your trip, skip the lines by keeping a Fast Pass.

World-class water parks. 

If you’re looking to escape the Social summer heat and enjoy some family fun at the same time, Villa way has compiled a list of the top Los Angeles water parks. We used the following criteria to compile this list: 

* Average customer ratings from Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google
* Abundance of attractions
* Uniqueness of attractions
* Family-friendliness
* Amenities (including shopping, dining options, access to lockers, etc.
* The collective experiences of the Villa way team
* Without further ado, here are the top water parks in LA. 

Essential attractions:

The water slides: All three waterslides are the same height, but each offers a different level of thrill. For thrill-seekers, the blue slide offers a near-freefall experience.

The spray pads: Adventurer Bay offers two spray pad areas where guests can splash, relax, and cool off beneath the cascading waters.

For the kids: This smaller park is ideal for transporting younger guests because the whole place is kid-friendly. You won’t have to leave the little ones behind while looking for our adult-only slides. 

The cons: This is intended as an affordable local attraction, so the water park is on the smaller side. In addition, the park closes at 5:30 every evening, so it is not the best bet if you are looking to squish into the twilight.

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