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Is UAE Celebrating 4-Day Diwali Holiday At Many Indian Schools This Weekend


In Dubai, the culture is totally different from what is found in the west. As a result, many visitors arrive here feeling a bit culture shocked. You will see people of all nationalities, people wearing traditional clothing, mosques from which prayers are sounded, sishas smelling sweet, and the Arabic language all around you. It is true that there are many cultural differences. Welcoming you to Dubai’s colorful world! Islamic and Sharia laws are adhered to in the United Arab Emirates, which is a democratic country. Therefore, Islam is the religion. There is no doubt that Dubai is the most Western city in all of the UAE. Many different cultures live here, which is largely responsible for this. While visiting Dubai, you have to keep a few things in mind. How to adapt and which things to do will be explained to you. Make sure you respect and adhere to the local culture and values, and that you show respect to the local culture!

Diwali, the Festival of Lights,

Is just around the corner, and Dubai is ready for some serious celebrations. Diwali 2022 is set to be a very special one, with a host of events, exclusive deals and offers. Here’s a look at how Dubai will celebrate Diwali.

The ‘Diwali in Dubai’ calendar this year is filled with amazing offers, exciting raffles, live entertainment, spectacular fireworks, and captivating events to ensure that residents and visitors of Dubai can experience the festival of lights over a city-wide celebration until October 28. Those who celebrate Diwali or Deepavali decorate their homes, offices, and public spaces with rows of oil lamps, electric lights, or paper lanterns. Early autumn is usually the time when it occurs. Happiness, prosperity, and light are the themes of this year’s five-day festival that starts on October 22.

At the India Pavilion in the Global Village,

You can experience the best representation of Indian traditions, culture, and food in the UAE during the Festival of Lights. It’s the place to be this festive season as the club celebrates the silver jubilee

Having experienced a brief lull due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Diwali, the famous Indian festival of lights, returns to Dubai with much-anticipated pomp this year. Several Indian community leaders were interviewed by Al Arabiya English ahead of today’s festival to find out what the festival stands for now. The city has over three million Indian residents from Asia. This multi-day festival is traditionally observed by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains as a symbol of light triumphing over darkness.

The Indian Consul General told Al Arabiya English that Diwali is special in Dubai. It is widely believed that Diwali celebrations will resume in full swing post-COVID after scaled-down events over the past two years, according to Puri. Old Dubai, mainly Karama and Bur Dubai, displays the festival’s vibrancy best with colorful LED lights, clay oil lamps, and flower decorations on apartment balconies.

Schools Closer News in Dubai on the Occasion of Diwali:

The Indian festival of Diwali is celebrated at home by students and parents in Dubai through two days of holidays. Students will have a four-day weekend combined with Saturday and Sunday because schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday (October 24-25).

As many look forward to celebrating Diwali in Dubai, school holidays are being respected. Combined with the normal weekend, students at Indian schools will have a four-day weekend, resulting in a four-day weekend. With the help of Assignment Master UAE, students can complete assignments during these off days.

The Indian community in Dubai is also organizing a fair to celebrate Diwali. There are many institutions that allow children to wear traditional attire, even if they are not attending an Indian school. There will be a long four-day weekend for students and teachers celebrating the Indian festival of lights, Diwali, in many Indian schools in the UAE next week. Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and several CBSE schools in Dubai have declared holidays on Monday and Tuesday to celebrate this holiday.

According to Punit MK Vasu,

CEO of The Indian High Group of Schools, the occasion is a fantastic one to celebrate. Having just undergone an inspection by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), we are eagerly anticipating a wonderful break with family and friends.

As well as celebrating Diwali on Friday, students and teachers will celebrate on campus.

“Everyone is looking forward to celebrating Diwali in a big way. We have been away from each other for the past two years. But not just Diwali, but every occasion should be celebrated responsibly,” he said.

Fairs Celebrating Diwali:

In many schools, Rangoli and sweets are made and distributed during the celebration. In addition to granting two-day holidays as part of the celebrations, some schools like Springdale’s School in Dubai hold Diwali fairs. ‘Grand Diwali Mela (Fair)’ will be held at Springdale’s School Dubai on Friday, and parents are also invited to attend. A lot of emphasis is placed on wellbeing, and understanding culture is an important part of that. Students’ entrepreneurial skills have also been integrated into the event. In this regard, school teachers have asked our students to create Diya’s [lamps] and murals related to Diwali and sell them to parents. Additionally, they were asked to incorporate both countries’ cultures into their work, he explained.

The Spectacle Dubai Put on Last Year Should Not Come as a Surprise This Year:

In 2021, downtown Dubai was illuminated by the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. The fun didn’t stop there, as fireworks displays were held throughout the city, including Festival City, Global Village, and Bluewater Dubai. A record number of revelers attended the festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil last year, and more are expected this year. 



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