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The best LED lamps for every room


Switch to this type of efficient lighting and get adequate lighting throughout the house.

It has been more than two years since the countries of the European Union said goodbye to halogen lamps, a lighting technology incapable of reaching the levels of efficiency and durability of the already everyday LED lamps. The latter have been gaining ground in many homes and their prices have become popular over time.

Why buy a led lamp?

They have become the most respectful with the environment and the improvement in the light bulbs they equip is continuous, in addition to achieving considerable energy savings on the electricity bill. In addition, they have a series of advantages that make them superior to the rest: they last up to five times longer (they have an average life of 25,000 hours), they do not emit heat , their ignition occurs instantly and they are resistant and silent, as indicated in the Association of Consumers and Users.

What characteristics should we look at in a led lamp?

In addition to its design and the characteristics of the rooms where we want to place them, we must take into account the quality of the LED bulb that our lamp incorporates. Among its characteristics, we can highlight the power , the light intensity , the warmth of the light and the useful life or duration. Of the latter, remember that if you used it to study or telework for about eight hours a day, you could stretch its operation up to five years.

After this brief reminder, from EL PAIS Showcase we wanted to focus on selecting seven LED lamps for the main rooms of the home, all available on Amazon, and with low or very competitive prices: from desk lamps to ceiling lamps. Still don’t know which lamp to place in the kitchen ? Would you like to give another type of warmth to the room? We present our selection:

For the desk or nightstand

Adequate lighting is essential to perform at your best in an environment of concentration and study. Especially in times like autumn or winter where we spend more hours at home and depend so much on electricity to carry out many tasks. This model of LED lamp will meet our expectations: it has a minimalist design , it can be adjusted in height and folded when not in use. In addition, it has five lighting modes (going from white to more yellowish tones), ten brightness stripes , a timer , and a USB charger.

An alternative to classic night sun chandelier, with the LED lamp model in the image you can adjust all its parameters from the top: on, off, intensity adjustment and light colour. To create a different atmosphere depending on your mood or the design of the room (color of the walls, furniture, etc.), you can choose between nine colors with the swipe of a finger. In addition, it has three brightness levels: low, medium and high ; always providing a soft light, ideal for places like the bedroom.

with touch sensor

One of the most important characteristics of this lamp is found in the lithium battery that it incorporates: 1,200 mAh. This allows us to move it to other places in the house without depending on a plug, even to outdoor areas. Its battery lasts up to 30 hours with a low brightness intensity, according to the manufacturer. The product weighs only 400 grams and its size is 10x10x15 cm.This model of LED lamp will be very useful in environments where we have little lighting or we only want to equip ourselves with a small but powerful beam of light. Tasks like reading in an e-book or doing any task on the laptop will be fulfilled perfectly. It has three color temperatures (cold, warm light and a mixture of both) and nine intensities. One of its greatest advantages is its articulated and omnidirectional neck (360 degrees) that will adapt to any space and its clamp-shaped base can be adjusted by up to four centimeters: adapting to tables, shelves or books. Includes USB charging cable and user manual.

Uninterrupted performance of up to 12 hours

The battery reaches 1,100 mAh and can be fully recharged in just two hours. The useful life expectancy, according to the manufacturer, is around 10,000 hours of use. Despite how small it is and its light weight (120 grams), it offers between 3,000K and 6,000K (from warm light to very cold light).

Perhaps one of the most forgotten lamps in the home is the one we need to light the kitchen or the terrace. It is essential to get one that meets a minimum standard since it is one of the busiest rooms in the home. This model of LED lamp will meet expectations. Made of plastic, it provides a constant and quality light, emitting a warm white light (3,000 lumens), perfect for these environments with a power of 36 watts. In addition, it is resistant to water and dust , according to the IP44 parameter.

Don’t you know how to bring more light to one of the most important rooms in the house? You can always buy a practical LED floor lamp . This one that we propose consists of four brightness levels and four different color temperatures. Made of plastic and iron, it covers a large lighting area and its swan-shaped neck is 360° adjustable . The base is rectangular, the cable is two meters long and its design will fit in with a multitude of different aesthetics and designs. Its light, wide and bright, is ideal for this type of interior room.

LED ceiling light with built-in BlueTooth speaker

In any room we can find endless alternatives to illuminate it in a convenient way in its entirety: from the placement of individual lamps at the ends to small spotlights in certain places. On this occasion, we suggest Among its peculiarities, there is one that has caught our attention: it incorporates a speaker that you can link with your mobile to listen to your favorite music. It comes equipped with a remote control (which works ten meters away) from which we can change the tones of light and the different colors it incorporates. Its power is 36 watts.



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