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Steps to determine the authenticity of a jewelry website


The internet is an ever-growing sea of knowledge that is filled with opportunities, knowledge, and convenience. Simultaneously this ocean is filled with scam websites. So, scrutiny of websites is essential before investing in them to purchase products from these websites. Some steps have been shown here which shall help you to verify if a website is authenticated and certified

Check the type of the connection

You must know that you don’t need to be a pro to understand the type of connection of the website. All you need to do is click on the URL and see if the website has a tag of HTTP or HTTPS. Websites that have HTTPS tags are more secure in comparison to HTTP tags. HTTP is nothing but an abbreviation for ‘hypertext transfer protocol’. This HTTP authorizes the server and your web browser to communicate through the data exchange process. HTTP is not very secure because it enables the connection and it doesn’t spend time to secure the way of exchanging information. Whereas, if we look at HTTPS it uses TSL (Transport data security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL or TSL creates an encrypted connection between the browser and the server. Encrypted connection depends on an algorithm that secures data and then uses a key for the party who is receiving the data to decrypt or unscramble the information. Hence HTTPS is a must on any website or page to ensure that your information is between you and the party who is sending you

Check the security of the site

Another way of checking the site’s authentication and security is to go to the padlock icon present in the address bar. By doing this, you will know about the connection security of the website and the validity of SSL, its certificate, and the issuer’s identity. The issuers of the security certificate need the website owners to give evidence that the domain is their legal property. Along with the same, the documents such as permits, charters, and tax forms also need to be presented by the businesses. If you want to buy a Black Diamond Engagement ring, do check the security of the website before investing.

Check URL

If you are inspecting the address bar, don’t just check out the HTTPS or the padlock sign, instead look at the domain name. See if it contains any kind of unusual symbols or many dashes which are not required or suspicious attempts to mimic the giant brands or other product names or businesses names. Suppose you go to the amazon website by searching on google, and you click on a link that seems to be amazon. To verify it you have to take a closer look at the URL whether they have any alphabet attached to the word or if symbols like @ or _ have been repeatedly used in the URL. Even if there is an HTTPS tag, the website can be fake as it has some unusual alphabets and symbols attached. Another way of knowing about website authenticity is by looking at their websites. For instance, .biz, .science, .men, and .party have been identified as fake and the websites having these URLs are also fake.

Check the social proof of the website

Bad rumors or news travels dust in this digital world, therefore checking the feedback of the users shall help you to scrutinize the ethnicity of the website. Google the business or the organization and you would find out that some organizations have abundant reviews whereas some need deep digging. In this case, what you can do is google the organization with keywords like scams or reviews etc. This can also help you to run into blog posts or social media feedback. If there is any suspicious thing on the website, it can also be seen in these blogs.
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