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Since I am not entirely convinced this blog has morphed from a blog to a great big advertisement for the Pharorenzo Oyster House, let me first explain what I like about this place. In addition to being a neat little dive with all sorts of stuff on their menu (marshmallow grits, anyone?), they have a great wine list and some of the best sangria in the county.

I also have to give them credit for a seafood crab soup that was absolutely stellar (my brother actually commented that it was the best seafood soup he’d ever had, and I agree), and a giant plate of barbecued shrimp that was so big it would have gone with two adults and a bowl of mixed greens. The cornbread and mashed potatoes were also excellent, Sarms for sale though I’ve always thought those were the slowest dish in the house.

Other items I would have liked to try, but my brother declined: grilled seafood cakes (although it’s usually on the summer menu anyway), pan roasted chicken, salmon. The new bar food menu has some great items to try as well, including the barbecue pork ribs.
Oh, and it’s on the river! The view is very nice when you’re eating or drinking at Pharorenzo (or, if you’re already down there, when you’re driving up or down the river). And of course, we did both.

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Since I haven’t posted about the Chattanooga Market in quite a while, let me tell you about one thing I’ve noticed: it’s harder to find out about what’s at the Market than it used to be. After a decade of being a regular, I was getting an assortment of products that I bought every year. Now, there’s just so much competition, it can be hard to find something new. The Market used to be a giant showcase of local produce, and now you can get pretty much whatever you want.

It’s harder to find the things you want, and if you want to get to the produce aisle (and if you don’t want to pay a lot), it can be harder to know what to buy. I did buy something new this year, too, and it’s one I’ll be making more often: homemade barbecue cornbread. I don’t use barbecue sauce in my cornbread, I think it works better with the caramelized onions.

For those that find themselves at the Market all summer long, I recommend trying some new things every once in awhile, just to see if something you like (like barbecue cornbread) turns out as well as the market veteran. You might be surprised.

Happy eating!

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In my eagerness to run with the efficiency of my colleagues in the administration, I took for granted the cunning devices to prolong those brief moments of tardy office turns, especially since I was a highly trained person with a thorough knowledge of the work routine. But then came the big break: Sarcasm, in my case, deployed effectively to strike out the indifference of the sarms:

Sarms: Well, can I steal you for five minutes just for the sake of vanity?

Me: Actually, since I enjoy what you’re doing, and it doesn’t serve any particular purpose, I just won’t consider that as being a legitimate reason for the unexpected break.

Sarms: Oh. Hey, don’t be too hard on them. Their logic only accepts certain realities, and they have to cope with the implications of this logic, that is the nature of being human.

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