Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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You know what the only thing is wrong with the United States of America? Sudden death from violence caused by terror.

Sudden death from a series of government policies led to today being one of the worst days for law and order in the history of the U.S. Yet the mainstream media is not calling attention to the fact that the actual total number of mass killings in the U.S. for the entire year is less than the entire amount of deadly government policies the U.S. had to work with in order to achieve the best record in this extremely dangerous and deadly nation.

Sadly, many Americans are so stuck in the morass of their government education system that they will not consider the words of the president of Harvard, Michael D. Smith, who writes for the Harvard Law Record.

“Just how exceptional was this year, statistically, in the United States?” he wonders. Sarms for sale

While the true number is unknown, “most Americans—and this includes people who care about the role of law enforcement—aren’t counting the murders of law enforcement officers and civilians while walking home from a funeral or a baseball game, and they also aren’t counting the injuries that many of those cops and civilians sustained as they tried to rescue those in danger,” he continues.

What is certain, though, is that “at the other end of the list, people are killing one another and getting away with it.”

According to the last comprehensive study of all the murders by other people of police officers since 1966, there were 57 police officers who were killed.

“This year, the number has climbed to 58 officers who were killed by other people in the line of duty—an 11 percent increase over the 51 officer murders committed during 2014,” the Harvard law professor writes.

“For six years running, the death toll for these officers has remained the highest for any similar period in the nation’s history.”

People in the U.S. have suffered, because of the government policies, of which he writes, “many of the assassinations of police officers were carried out with firearms and knives. Sudden death from violence caused by terror has become almost the norm in the U.S.”

Sudden death from a series of government policies is the one thing the United States of America has been able to achieve that is truly exceptional, and the nation has only just scratched the surface of the realization of the full potential of its inherent violence.

As he concludes, “there are thousands upon thousands of people in the U.S. who, because of the breakdown of law and order, have been forced to live through a nightmare and who are being threatened by it every day.”

The violence of the United States of America is on the verge of making some families, like that of Siblings Madison and Ali Ayouni, even more paranoid.

In 2012, a police officer murdered their sister, Kali Ayouni.

“The FBI determined that no one had tried to kill her in the last few years, but they believed her attackers were still alive and planning on killing her in the next five years,” police reported.

That was an absurd assessment, because there were no weapons, no plot and no people who were plotting to kill her.

But the family has not given up on finding the people who killed her, although the government has not given up on protecting them.

Apparently, the federal government thinks the family has no problems, as evidenced by how they ended up leaving the country for Egypt, after trying to get the U.S. government to provide more security around the family.

As the Siblings, Ali and Madison, prepare to move out, they are fighting the federal government to get them to be able to return to the U.S. But they are facing a huge obstacle in the government, which, if they win, will show the nation that the government policies are nothing more than legalized murder.

The policy that the government is enforcing is the policy of not enforcing the law against people.

Since the death of Kali Ayouni, her sister has not lost hope. sarms

The federal government has been breaking the law for years, but the government refuses to obey the laws.

That is not something the United States of America can be proud of.

If the federal government refuses to obey the laws, the family is also not willing to get on board and follow.

Since the federal government refuses to follow the law, it is no longer a matter of “civil rights or the right of the United States of America or of the law to live by it.”

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