Sunday, May 28, 2023

Plug Protection for Electric Scooters


A flat tire is one of the most common problems with electric bikes and air scooters. Electric scooters have more defects due to smaller wheels.

Contrary to popular belief, Electric Scooter flat tires are not caused by stereotypical tire spikes or other sharp objects. Flat tires are caused by poor driving habits and tire maintenance is more common. Follow these important tips to avoid flat tires:

Get a stamp;

Antiskid is a liquid latex that can be injected into the inner tube through the same valve used to inflate the tire. The liquid enters the tube and moves as the wheel rotates.

When a hole appears, liquid enters the hole and seals the leak. Some scooters, like the Pure, are pre-built by the manufacturer, but this does not guarantee breakdowns, but reduces them considerably.

A typical bottle of tire sealant holds enough fluid in the front and rear tires for one use. If necessary, we sell spray liquid on our website.

Check if there is enough pressure;

The first and most important check is to make sure the tire pressure is correct. This is important because the main reason for flat tires on electric scooters is insufficient pressure.

If the tire pressure is low, the tube cannot effectively “bounce”. Then the impact compresses the tire and squeezes the lighter, causing the two tubes to tear and compressing the tube between them.

The best way is to always walk on the tires. You can do this with a hand pump, like the Giyo hand pump.

Make sure your tires are in good condition;

Are your tires looking old and tired? If you have them, they will more easily pierce something thinner and sharper and cause a hole. When your tires look worn, they need to be replaced!

Please note: our warranty does not cover tires or hubs, so it is best to take them to your nearest bike shop or Halfords.

Look for foreign bodies;

Check if your scooter has anything stuck in the tire treads/grooves or embedded in the tire material.

When doing this test, you can feel sharp objects entering the tire.

Electric scooter price;

There are electric scooters in the market at various price points to choose from. So you need to decide how much you want to spend. But the truth is that quality costs more.

You can get a good quality electric scooter for around £800. If you can afford to pay more, the scooter has more features and is less likely to break. However, if you are on a budget, you can get a good scooter for less.

Avoid wet driving;

We have to regularly talk to our customers about this, especially where it rains more than we would like. Riding in the rain can cause irreparable damage to your scooter. When the wheels roll on the road, the sand can collect small metals and small particles. Moisture helps these things stick to the wheel.

At each stop at a level crossing, the water rushes in and carries these particles into the space between the tire and the inner tube. In the process, the particles are compressed as they flow through the tube and sucked into space as they are compressed. The sharp particles are pressed against the inner tube, creating ideal conditions to start core filling. More importantly, wet surfaces are also dangerous to slip on and drive on.

The most common problem is water getting into the Electric Scooter for Adult, which can damage batteries and expensive electrical components. Our warranty does not cover water damage. If it’s raining or if it’s raining outside, we recommend you leave the scooter at home!



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