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Online Video Conferences : What Makes Them Important For Businesses?


With the shift towards a hybrid work culture, most companies are allowing their employees to work from home. But, at the same time, it becomes very difficult to track each one of them and get everyone on the same page. With the help of online video conferencing, things get much easier and better.

Keeping this in mind, this blog is all about letting you know the importance of online video conferencing and its popular benefits. In addition to this, we’ll also list some of the popular conferencing platforms to make your selection process easy and convenient.

Online Video Conference: How It Works and Importance

Short Description 

Fundamentally, it is the real-time interaction between two or more individuals who are sitting in remote locations. The setup process for hosting video conferencing is quite easy in comparison with webinars and other online services. Furthermore, all you need is an active internet connection, compatible devices, microphones, and space for hosting your meeting.


Geographically dispersed coworkers and clients who must regularly connect and interact make up the modern office. The best option for this face-to-face collaboration is video conferencing, which allows two or more individuals who are separated by distance to connect live via audio and video. Here are a few steps which show the working procedure of these services –

  • The basic requirements for hosting your video conferencing session are a stable high-speed internet connection, a display device, webcams, microphones, speakers and others.
  • Now, in the next step, you have to select the type of video conferencing that you want to include in your session. For example, you can host interview sessions with your remote candidates or you can also host one-one sessions with the target audience.
  • When someone talks, the camera records a video signal, while the microphone records an analogue signal. These signals are digitally coded by VoIP coders and sent over the internet.
  • The guests on the other end can’t hear and see what was said because decoders on the receiving end convert the digital stream back to analogue audio and video signals. Echo cancellation is a feature that most video calling programmes have to make sure there is no delay between the audio and visual feeds.

Now, let’s have a quick look at some of the prominent benefits of online video conferencing for the growth and development of a business –

Prominent Benefits Of Video Conferencing: Top 4 Benefits

Here are some of the prominent benefits of using video conferencing –

Cost Effective Solution

Video conferencing eliminates the need to travel to a venue for attending a meeting. Your trip expenses won’t be eliminated by a videoconference. There are instances when having a face-to-face meeting is necessary. After all, it might be challenging to establish the crucial interpersonal relationships that sales and organizations rely on over lunch following a business meeting. You don’t have to fly for every meeting, though.

Better Engagement Options 

With the selection of the right type of online conference platform, you can boost session productivity by ensuring the active participation of conference attendees. Compared to words or music, humans process visual information more quickly. Visual signals make interactions more personable and increase participation. The retention of the input is increased when it is processed and assimilated by both the aural and visual senses. 

Time-Saving Solution 

As the cost of the equipment is quite low and the setting up process is quite easy,  hosting an online video conference is a time-saving option for most business houses. One of the many extra functions offered by contemporary video conferencing software is screen sharing. You can, for instance, record meetings and then distribute meeting notes at the conclusion of a call. All of these features can increase productivity and reduce waiting time.

Convenient Option For Remote Employees

It is also one of the biggest advantages of hosting conferences online. Most of the remote employees find it very convenient as they have to attend the meeting from their home or base location only. Your work-life balance may be improved by spending less time at the office and more time at home. Although you can’t directly attribute this to video calling, it does enter the picture.

Here are some popular platforms to host your video conferencing session. In addition to this, it will also help you in picking the right one for you – 

Top 3 Platforms To Host Your Video Conferencing Session 

Here is a list of some popular platforms for catering to employees’ requirements. – 

Zoom Meeting 

This platform is one of the most popular and known for its speciality in hosting virtual meetings, conferences, summits, and much more. In addition to this, most of the features of this platform are free and easy to use for sponsors.

You can be sure that everyone will be able to join a Zoom meeting if you provide the link to one. Every major platform has apps, and you can presume that everyone has already installed the software and set it up to function at this point.

In addition to this, it is very reliable software that has the capability of working even with weaker internet connections.


This platform is an all-in-one solution for all types of online event requirements. With the trust of leading brands like MG Hector, ISRO, and others, this platform has a lot to offer the event sponsors.

With the inclusion of features such as exhibition booths, live polling, live comments, and emojis, you can do much more during a video conference in comparison with other service providers.

In addition to this, you can also customize your landing pages to create a good impression on the meeting participants.

Google Meet

Every time you schedule a meeting in Google Calendar, you’ll receive a Meet link that you and the other participants can click to join a call right away.

While Zoom and other applications are catching up, Google Meet continues to excel at live captioning. Even though it can’t tell when someone is speaking in another language on the call, the captions in English function reasonably well.

Summing Up 

With the help of online video conferencing software, you can take your meeting to the next level. With the ease of carrying out daily discussions and routine meetings online, video conferencing is working best for corporations that are making hybrid culture a part of their curriculum.



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