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Most Impressive Hotel Facilities For Guests?


Because competition has always been fierce, hotels must seek distinctiveness. One of the most effective methods to establish distinctiveness is providing hotel facilities. Best hotel in Jinja distinguish your hotel from the competition and wow your guests, allowing you to convert infrequent visitors into loyal clients.

What Do Hotel Amenities Entail?

Amenities are services or things provided to guests at no additional cost to enhance the overall hotel experience by adding comfort and convenience. Amenities may differ depending on the hotel’s category and the sort of lodgings provided. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, a sewing kit, a razor, and a hair dryer are among the most ordinary comforts.

Guests have grown to anticipate some amenities, such as shampoo and soap, while others are being supplied as innovative approaches to entice customers. As a result, hotels must think outside the box to produce things or services that separate them from the competition as facilities become conventional.

11 Hotel Amenity Ideas You Should Consider

It would help if you considered giving a variety of hotel facilities to set your establishment apart from the competitors. Let’s examine each one individually.

Although shampoo, conditioner, and soap have become standard amenities in virtually all hotels, that doesn’t mean the brand you provide must be authoritative. Instead, consider providing extra value and supplying items such as soap from a local artisan or cruelty-free, vegan, and chemical-free products — in other words, some added value that demonstrates concern for your visitors’ well-being.

Provide Treats Upon Turndown

Predominantly for four- and five-star hotels, offering a turndown service is advantageous because it adds a distinctive touch. Why not lay homemade baked goodies or chocolate on the pillow when it is time to turn down the bed? With so many allergies, it may be prudent to consider something that will satisfy most dietary requirements, but it’s a nice touch to return home after a day out.

Make The Experience In The Room As Soothing As Possible

One of the cornerstones of upselling is encouraging customers to spend as much money as possible on their rooms. Creating a spa-like atmosphere in the room makes guests reluctant to leave. A diffuser with a perfume unique to your hotel, an eye pillow, a noise machine, chronotherapy, and calming music contribute to this spa experience. These facilities will create an immersive experience they will undoubtedly recommend to their friends.

Complimentary Drinks

Everyone knows that if you want to spend a portion of your money on a drink, you should avoid the minibar. Instead, consider providing complimentary water and hot beverages like tea and coffee as an alternative to the minibar. You may also include a water heater so guests can brew tea and coffee.

Customized Bedding

Specialized bedding might include pillows such as down, ergonomic, or foam pillows, as well as the ability to customize the weight of the down comforter – a heavier weight for people prone to becoming cold and a lesser weight for those who are less susceptible to getting out. Alternatively, you may encounter distinct outcomes and sorts of blankets.

Personalize Your Hotel Experience

There is nothing better than placing the control of the visitor experience in the hands of the guests themselves. Innovative technology, such as smart mirrors, voice-controlled lighting, and climate management, is a terrific method.

Self-service check-in is an additional advantageous feature. A check-in kiosk increases client satisfaction by reducing wait times, allowing guests to cut their keys, scan required documents, and check in at any time of day. It is also a fantastic method for streamlining processes.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry services include a complimentary service that washes and presses guests’ garments, or you might provide a clothing iron in each guest room. It is especially critical for business travelers who must be in peak condition for meetings.

Robe & House Shoes

Nothing screams “hotel” more than slipping into a bathrobe after a nice bubble bath. A beautiful item that guests will appreciate is a bathrobe. Consider selling these bathrobes emblazoned with your hotel’s emblem.

The same applies to slippers: provide visitors with slippers to take home. It is immensely welcomed to be able to step out of bed into slippers rather than go about barefoot, and it is terrific free advertising for your hotel if customers take them home.

Free Breakfast

A complimentary breakfast is one of the most sought-after perks. It is a service superior to apartment rentals and may give guests an additional reason to pick your hotel. In addition, it determines whether a guest will book a room at your hotel or another.

Pet-Friendly Rooms

Pet-friendly accommodations are an excellent way to attract pet owners. In many circumstances, pets are considered family members. Hence the target audience is comparable to that of families. Furthermore, this is an excellent approach to accommodate individuals who require guide dogs for the blind. Since they won’t need to pay for a dog sitter, they may be ready to pay more for a pet-friendly hotel.


Facilities are an excellent method to differentiate your hotel and target your audience depending on the amenities you provide. By offering customized extras in the room, you maintain your competitive edge and distinguish your hotel from the competition. In addition, providing your guests with facilities that make them feel at home can increase their likelihood of returning.


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