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CAMEL SAFARI in Jaisalmer:-You can choose to visit the Thar attractions on a camel. Your bumpy camel ride in Jaisalmer will be a thrilling experience indeed. Led by trained guides who are fluent in English, you will get to see the gleaming sand and the vast sand dunes.

These camel rides are usually held in the late afternoon and evening so that you can enjoy the views of the city, the desert wildlife, the oasis and the outskirts.to enjoy the beauty. The best part of Desert Safari is the sunset view in the evening, which is a sight to behold. With Desert Safari in Jaisalmer, you can get a closer look at the lifestyle and culture of the people of Jaisalmer.

On a camel ride in Jaisalmer, you will be taken to the villages around the desert. The hospitality received by the villagers is truly heartwarming!

JEEP SAFARI in Jaisalmer:-

Jeep safaris in Jaisalmer are very popular among tourists who want to add an element of adventure to the Thar desert tour. Jeep safaris have their own charm as you take a ride or sometimes even on sand dunes. People who choose Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer also prefer jeep safaris instead of camel safaris. The major attractions covered during a jeep safari in Jaisalmer are Desert National Park, Sam sand dunes and Padholi sanctuary and villages.

CAMPING WHILE DESERT SAFARI:-Spending time in the calm and serene environment of the Thar Desert are moments that are going to be with you forever. This is what the desert safari camps in Jaisalmer are all about. The camps are there to make you feel comfortable even in the middle of the desert.

Also, Jaisalmer desert camping rates are quite accessible. Make your stay in these camps a pleasant experience during Jaisalmer Safari as arrangements are made to entertain you throughout your stay. You can enjoy folk music by local singers and Rajasthani folk dancers showcasing their dancing skills.

Sitting amidst the beautiful sand dunes under the dazzling sky provides a view. Hence your Jaisalmer Desert Safari is incomplete without staying at a camp like Sam Desert Camp in Jaisalmer.

PARASAILING:-If you are a fan of adrenaline, do not miss the opportunity to go for parasailing. When you are flying in the sky, the distant and panoramic view of Thar Desert will leave you in complete awe. Don’t worry you will not be alone in this adventure game. If you are an adventure lover, choose the Jaisalmer package for desert safari that includes adventure activities like parasailing.

QUAD BIKING AT SAM SAND DUNES:-A desert safari in Jaisalmer offers you an opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush and indulge in adventure sports like quad biking. Sam Desert offers a perfect place for quad biking and dune bashing which makes your Jaisalmer Desert Safari unforgettable. If you are staying at a campsite in the Sam Desert of Jaisalmer, then you must not miss out on quad biking and dune bashing.

DUNE BASHING in OFF-ROADING SUVS:-For adventure lovers, Jaisalmer Desert Safari is a boon as there are many adventure sports that they can enjoy during desert safari. Apart from parasailing and quad biking, they can also go for dune bashing. While riding on 4 to 5 meter high sand dunes with a trained local driver, your excitement level will increase every time the car goes up and down the sand dune.

PARA MOTORING:-Para motoring is another popular adventure sport in the desert safari in Jaisalmer. The beauty of the wider Thar Desert, Jaisalmer city and nearby places is best seen when you go para motoring. Of course, you will be under the supervision of an experienced instructor and these instructors will ensure that you slide at a safe height. However, it is those It is also the best tourist destination for people who want to enjoy Desert Safari. Compare the Jaisalmer packages on offer, before booking a Jaisalmer Desert Safari. Try booking for Desert Safari during the winter season as this is the best time to visit Jaisalmer.

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