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How To Use Twitter Bookmarks To Keep Tweets For Later?


Twitter bookmarks will let you quickly keep tweets that you could read or view later, multi function place. Here’s the way to without difficulty bookmark Tweets.

If you ever encounter something thrilling on foot via your Twitter feed, you frequently emerge as looking that video half-heartedly or skipping it entirely due to some time constraints. However, you can alternatively ‘Bookmark’ the Tweet so that you can get right of entry to it later at your convenience.

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Twitter bookmarks permit you to keep a tweet and return to it later when you have extra time. The feature has been around seeing that 2018, but many humans nonetheless do not know approximately it and emerge as liking tweets or sharing tweets with others, so that you can get admission to them later.

Here’s The Way To Use The Bookmark Function On Twitter.

Step 1: Navigate to the Tweet you need to bookmark so you can seek advice from it later.

Step 2: Find and click on on the share button at the bottom of the tweet.

Step three: From the Share options, look for the ‘Bookmark’ icon as proven inside the characteristic. Click this icon, and the Tweet may be added in your list of bookmarked Tweets.

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Step four: Go to the Twitter hamburger menu to your Twitter homepage through clicking on the 3 lines at the pinnacle left corner of the display.

Step 5: Under the ‘Bookmarks’ tab, you’ll discover a scrollable list of all your bookmarked tweets, which you could now view at your comfort.

Note that bookmarking Tweets does no longer alert your fans or the man or woman/Page who published the Tweet. However, your conversations with bookmarked Tweets could be publicly seen. Therefore, any bookmarked Tweets which you like or comment on will alert the poster and your followers.

Twitter Hack: How To Bookmark A Tweet?

Want to shop a tweet separately so you can respond to it later? Here’s a step-by means of-step manual on how you may bookmark a tweet on Twitter.

Twitter, as a platform, is quite versatile. You can find people discussing nearly the whole thing on the micro-blogging platform. From lifestyles beyond Earth to the subsequent Marvel film to upcoming gizmos in the tech global in AI and robotics. Simply placed, there’s something for every body on the platform. While that is all excellent, it can be a piece hard to keep music of and spot all of the thrilling tweet threads straight away. That’s wherein Twitter’s bookmarks function comes into play. The function basically permits customers to store a tweet for later on the way to view and reply to it later. Also Read – Sorry Elon Musk! Many Employees Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Fanatic Twitter

If you locate yourself in a similar state of affairs, here is a complete manual on the usage of Twitter’s bookmarks feature. Also Read – Twitter may quickly start mechanically splitting long texts into threads: Report

How To Bookmark A Tweet On Twitter

Here’s a on hand manual to help you bookmark a tweet on Twitter: Also Read – Elon Musk Says Doesn’t Want to Be CEO of Twitter or Tesla

Step 1: Open Twitter in your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Step 2: Now open the tweet that you want to shop for later or in different words bookmark.

Step three: Then tap on the percentage icon under the tweet. It will appear within the top-right corner, proper subsequent to the coronary heart icon.

Step four: Lastly, tap at the Bookmark option acting just above the listing of apps where you could proportion the tweet.

Once you have bookmarked a tweet, you may get a message within the Twitter app that asserts “Tweet introduced on your bookmarks”. This message confirms that the chosen Tweet has been set apart in order to read, talk over with, or reply to later.

How To Get Right Of Entry To Your Bookmarked Tweets On Twitter

Here’s a step-by way of-step manual on how to access a tweet you’ve got stored for later inside the Twitter app:

Step 1: Open Twitter in your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2: Tap on your profile image to get admission to the aspect menu.

Step 3: Now tap on Bookmarks options.

In the display screen that follows, you may be able to see a list of all the tweets which you have bookmarked. These tweets will stay within the bookmarks phase of the app until you delete them. From right here you may remark, retweet, like or percentage the bookmarked tweet.

A Way To Delete Your Bookmarked Tweets On Twitter

Here is a step-through-step guide that will help you delete a Tweet from the Bookmarks section of the Twitter app:

Step 1: Open Twitter for your iPhone or Android telephone.

Step 2: Tap to your profile picture to get admission to the aspect menu.

Step three: Now tap on Bookmarks alternatives.

Step 4: Now visit the tweet you want to do away with from the bookmarks segment of the Twitter app.

Step five: Click at the three dots appearing at the pinnacle right nook of the tweet.

Step 6: Now ‘Clear all bookmarks’ to clear the list



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