Saturday, June 3, 2023

How to Hide Notifications on Your iPhone Lock Screen?


There are myriad motives for why you could want to cover notifications this iPhone are locked display screens, however, most people can relate to this one:

Do you get way too many freaking emails? And every time you get one you pay attention to the familiar dinging sound as every new electronic mail fills your lock display screen with a reminder of your many responsibilities.

Yeah… Feels bad, man. Especially while it’s after paintings hours, or it’s the weekend and you’re virtually looking to enjoy the precious c language of time where you’re no longer making money to live alive.

ANYWAY, fortunately, we will show you a pair of exclusive methods to get those nasty e-mail notifications (or something notification you want) off your lock display screen.

From your lock screen

  • 1. Find the notification on your lock screen
  • 2. Swipe left on it to see your alternatives, and faucet “Manage”
  • 3. Tap “Deliver Quietly”
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As it says, “Quiet notifications seem in Notification Center, however, do not seem at the lock display screen, play a sound, gift a banner, or badge the app icon.”

Essentially, these notifications could be hidden from your lock display screen. This will no longer disguise all notifications, but — the handiest notifications for that specific app. For instance, hiding your e-mail notifications will not motivate your iPhone to cover text message notifications.

From your settings

  • 1. Go into your settings
  • 2. Tap “Notifications”
  • 3. Find the app you want to hide notifications for and faucet it
  • 4. Under the “Alerts” faucet the “Lock Screen” option till the circle under its miles is unchecked

Again, you will do this for every app you want to hide notifications for, but the process is straightforward and shouldn’t take you long in any respect. And just like that, your notifications can be hidden from your lock display.

Second Method

1. Hide Notifications from Specific Apps on iPhone Lock Screen

All that is required to Hide Notifications from Messages or any other App on the Lock Screen of your iPhone is to go to Settings > Notifications > scroll down and pick out the App for that you want to Hide Lock Screen Notifications.

On the next display, uncheck the Lock Screen alternative located underneath the “ALERTS” phase by tapping on it.

After this, you’ll no longer see Notifications from this unique App performing on the display screen of your unlocked iPhone.

2. Hide All Notifications on iPhone Lock Screen

Unfortunately, the iPhone no longer offers the choice to cover Lock Screen Notifications from All Apps, and the simplest way to Hide All Notifications is to cast off and get entry to Today View and Notification Center from iPhone Lock Screen.

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Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > When brought about, input the Lock Screen Passcode in your device.

On the next screen, scroll right down to Allow Access When Locked phase and flow the toggle next to Notifications Center and Today View to OFF role.

Once access to Notification Center and Today View from the Lock Screen is removed, no person may be able to Access Notifications on your iPhone, without understanding its Lock Screen Passcode.

3. Hide Message Previews on iPhone Lock Screen

If you locate Lock Screen Notifications beneficial and do now not want to disable them, you could nonetheless protect your privacy by Hiding Message Previews on iPhone Lock Screen.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews > On the next screen, select When Unlocked choice.

After this, simplest the Name or Phone Number of the Sender could be visible on the Lock Screen and a Message summary or Message Preview can be seen most effectively whilst you unencumber your device.

Hiding Alerts Poses A Serious Risk To Security!

When you turn off notifications, you not most effectively forestall getting interrupted all of the time, however, you furthermore might take away a possible security hazard.

Our inbound messages may additionally contain touchy statistics that we have the right to protect. If you have an antivirus software program set up on your desktop pc, it stands to reason that you ought to also have it established on any cellular devices that you use, proper?

Perhaps you use your cellphone more often than your PC, which increases its value but also will increase the likelihood that it’s going to break.



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