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How to Draw A Rooster


How to Draw A Rooster. You can use many effective alarm clocks, but few are as effective (or louder) than a rooster piercing the morning air.

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These tough birds have a unique look and lots of character!

This unique look has made her popular in many artworks, and many wonder how to learn to draw a rooster. If you’re one of those individuals, you’ve arrived at the right site!

How to Draw A Rooster

Step 1

We will draw the rooster’s head in this first step of our how to draw a rooster guide. You can start by drawing the small and sharp beak of the rooster.

Then the beak extends into the large, impressive crest at the top of the head. Then you can use a rounded line under the beak for the wattles hanging under the face.

Finally, you can use a small circle for the eye and add some feather detail around that face area. Then you can complete this step by lowering the neck away from the head.

Step 2

This step of drawing your rooster will be quite simple. All you’ll do in this step is extend the neck further down with a few more curved lines.

You can use a few smaller lines instead of one solid line to give the neck a feathered look.

So once you’ve seen it like the reference image, you’re good to go!

Step 3

You will finish the bird’s neck in this step of our how to draw a rooster guide.

In this step, we again use many single lines that curve down and have sharp edges at the end to make them look like layered feathers.

You can also draw the first feathers of the back of the rooster in this step.

Step 4

The head and neck are now complete, so for this step, we can start drawing the body of your rooster drawing.

The back is divided into several smaller sections that are connected. As you’ve done in the previous steps, we’ll use many sharper, jagged lines to make the rooster look nice and feathery.

Step 5

In this part of our guide on how to draw a rooster, we will focus on the rooster’s belly.

The feathers on this part of the rooster are much smaller and coarser, as shown in our reference image. Once you’ve drawn these feathers with lots of small, sharp lines, you’re good to go.

Step 6

The next step in drawing your rooster might seem complicated, but it’s better than it sounds! However, you should take this step slowly and follow the reference image closely as you draw this part.

We will draw the rooster’s tail, which is made of many thin curved feathers.

There are many feathers, but if you follow the picture closely and take one feather at a time, you shouldn’t have any problems! So we need to add a few final details in the next step.

Step 7

We will finish the bird in this step of our how to draw a rooster guide. First, you can refine the rooster’s wing with sharper, jagged lines. Next, we draw the legs of the rooster.

Draw A Rooster

The outlines of the legs are quite uneven and jagged, and the reference image will show you how to place them.

Finally, you can add many small lines to make it more scaly. This completes the details in this guide, but you may also want to add a background or other details to your photo!

Step 8

In this final part of your rooster drawing, add some amazing color to your artwork. We’ve used some nice bright colors for our example that can serve as a reference if you want a similar look for your rooster.

Rooster Drawing

This is a step where you can show off your creativity too! Roosters can come in all colors, so you have many options for coloring them.

Once you know what colors to use, you can experiment with your favorite artistic mediums to bring the colors to life! We can’t wait to see you finish your artwork.

Your Rooster Drawing is Finished!



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