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How to Design Custom Cardboard Boxes for your Product


There is a famous old saying, “Do not judge the book by its cover.”  It is a piece of excellent advice. But you know we humans are very much judgmental. You give only one chance to others to leave an impression on us. As the famous saying “first impression is the last one.” it is the most favorite quote of everyone. We never give a second chance to anyone when it comes to leaving an impression. The same is the case with Custom Cardboard Boxes. Yes, it is right before judging the quality of the, it is the packaging which makes the customer leave their judgmental remarks on them.  It is the reason that custom printed cardboard boxes are essential. Custom packaging designs’ can set the entire pitch for how the article is perceived. All this begins with an initial boxes print and designs that the customers see.

Presentation and Function of the Custom Cardboard Boxes matter

There is no doubt that you are selling an excellent product. It the packaging of the product lackluster, then your product would not be flying off a market shelf. Remember one thing that presentation matters a lot when it comes to selling the product, whether these are in the courier box sent at the client’s door or in the physical departmental store. Particularly in the e-commerce business, product packing is the spine of your business’s success. Never underestimate the value of compelling ideas for the cardboard boxes. Your packaging must present some thought and talk to the clients. Let us find out how to Design Custom Cardboard Boxes for the product.

Understand Your Brand

Do you have well establishes a brand?  Then this step is not for you?  But if you are launching a new brand, then you need to follow this point. Do you lack brand identities like color pallet and logo, then it is essential to pick the direction before beginning investment in custom packaging.  Because heading toward the cardboard packaging and printing you need to find out your brand by answering the following questions

  • With the designs of custom packaging, what you want to convey to your customers?
  • Is your product is Playful or sophisticated?
  • Is eco-friendly material is your priority? Or you follow the Green Code for the packaging. Then you must require custom corrugated boxes
  • Are your clients expecting the high-end feel?

Know your Clients

If you have understood your brand and have the name on the place, let’s find out how the brand identity or the product applies to the custom cardboard boxes? Are your Packaging designs and boxes print is leaving its impact on the target audience? It is necessary to understand your target audience because you are selling your product to that specific group of people.

For instance, Amazon Client demands the no-fuss method to cardboard boxes. What their customer demand is pocket-friendly prices that arrive unscathed and quickly. What is Amazon Approach? They packed the article with a protective material such as bubble wrap and placed it in custom printed cardboard boxes with its logo and name. When it comes to the packaging, the customer also wants fuss-free packing for this. They have introduced the frustration-free packaging or tab-locking packaging. So you need to understand the audience before designing the custom packaging.

Consider Practical Variable.

You have a brand identity now. And also find out the client experience. Now you need to give life to your vision when designing the custom packaging. So need to understand the actual aspect of custom packaging that requires knowing before finalizing the designs.


Remember the most appealing folding box,  would not leave an excellent impression on the client it approaches damaged. You need to understand the product and the protection it requires. Is the product fragile or easily breakable? Because by this, you will realize wheater your product requires custom cardboard boxes or custom corrugated boxes?


Is the product perishable? If yes, then the product Custom Cardboard Boxes also require to add the airtight compartment.

Shipping Cost:

If you have the online business, then you need to consider the shipping cost of the product when designing the product packaging. Because neither customer nor you want to pay additional charges for packaging. You need to choose custom corrugated boxes for heavy products. And also box die cuts. The size of the box is exact to the product. By this, there is a considerable reduction in the shipping cost. Because cardboard is light in weight, and the box is fitted to the product size.

Get Inspired:

Once you have found the brand identify and understand the target audience, you need to inspire the customer. Yes, it is true the durability cost and function of product packaging matters. Is your customer like a plain brown box or something appealing? It would be best if you researched the marketing strategy of the competitors. It will guide you on how to make your product stand out in the market. For instance, Vape custom printed cardboard boxes inspires their customers. Its packaging



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