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How to Design Branded Kraft Boxes to Grow Your Business?


Kraft is a natural beige brown packaging material that is widely used to make custom boxes for numerous retail and food products. It can withstand dust, stains, humidity, and other harmful factors due to its solid nature. Some brands have perceptions about Kraft packaging that it is a boring kind of packaging with no prints, colors, and customization opportunities. However, you will neglect such perceptions if you focus on the below points.

Maintain Eco-Friendliness

One can design ultra-stylish, elegant, and eye-catching Kraft packaging boxes made from recyclable packaging material to showcase the products. Kraft paper is easy to recycle and reuse under normal conditions without consuming heavy machinery or chemicals. Moreover, sustainable Kraft Boxes printed with organic inks ensure that packaging does no damage to the environment. Consumers care about the environment that’s why they prefer eco-friendly Kraft packaging. The sustainability of Kraft paper allows you to have eco-friendly yet durable packaging boxes for displaying and delivering your products.

Prevent Unnecessary Damages

Your products require protection during delivery as many factors can cause unnecessary damage to your products. For instance, bumps on the road can break or crush your products. Or, heat, moisture, and chemicals can destroy the nature of food, cosmetics, skincare, and pharmaceutical products. Therefore, one can get durable Kraft mailer boxes that are easy to open and close and guard every product. Apply matte, gloss, or UV spot coating on Kraft packaging if you want to protect sensitive products from dust, wetness, and direct sunlight. Additionally, get food boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, and subscription boxes made of solid Kraft material.

Kraft Boxes

Customization with Perfect Turnarounds

Packaging companies favor you with the chance to get personalized Kraft packaging guarantees the success and promotion of your business. The choice is totally up to you whether you want plain or luxurious Kraft packaging boxes. But, you still need to know some of the amazing customization facilities that are utilized by many successful companies.


Make the best decision while designing the packaging boxes for your valuable products. The most important decision is the selection of colors. Colors have a psychological effect on customers’ minds. So, decide on colors that perfectly match the theme of your business as well as the product. First, you need to understand the color requirements in the public’s eye and then decide on the most alluring and vibrant colors. Moreover, the colors must be of high quality printed using precise CMYK and PMS color models.

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Studies have shown that the majority of customers prefer products that are perfectly explained through their packaging. One can provide product explanations by printing ingredients, usage, precautions, nutritional value (in the case of food products), and manufacturing/expiring dates. These details will make your products worth buying in customers’ eyes. Furthermore, the business name and logo are also crucial to mention on the custom-printed Kraft boxes as nobody will recognize your business if they don’t know the name. Also print business-relevant images, graphics, animations, or patterns to enhance the overall look of Kraft packaging boxes.

Kraft Boxes


Die-cutting is a technique that cuts packaging boxes of any shape and size using a die. It is the most popular technique in the packaging industry. The wide variety of custom packaging boxes available in the market is the blessing of the die-cutting process. Some examples are Kraft gable boxes, pillow boxes, display boxes, window boxes, retail boxes, and many more.

Window Cutting

The shop owners find it very challenging when they have to open each packaging box to help customers in checking out the product’s quality. But, the invention of the window cutting technique has made it very easy to cut a window of any shape on custom Kraft boxes to give customers a glimpse of products without opening the entire Custom Packaging Boxes. Also, window boxes help in increasing customers’ desire for your products by giving them a triggering glimpse of products. For instance, a window cut on the food boxes is a great marketing strategy to increase customers’ appetites and boost sales.

PVC Sheet

Apply PVC sheet on the window cut to prevent product substances from falling. It also prevents the entry of direct heat, dirt, or insects. PVC sheet is resistant to moisture and other harmful factors. PVC sheet is usually colorless and transparent. However, you can customize it in different colors as well. This will level up the look of Kraft packaging and attract more buyers.

Gold or Silver Foiling

Foiling is the method of applying foil on certain spots of the packaging boxes. It levels up your packaging style by giving it a metallic and luxurious appeal. There are two options for you: gold foiling or silver foiling which you can select per your choice and preferences. Some other customization choices are embossing, raised ink, gluing, scoring, perforation, inserts, handles, partitions, and so on.



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