Friday, February 3, 2023

Here are 9 ways to read comics online for free


For some people, comics have developed a reputation for being unreliable. Sure, reading off of a screen might not be as fun as sitting down and deeply committing to the pages of a novel, but it can be done. There are plenty of books with amazing artwork that make good use of the digital medium to create an immersive reading experience.Guest Posting Site

Even if you’re not convinced by our 10 reasons to read comics online, there’s still a wealth of other literature and art waiting for you on these free comic sites.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited provides free access to all of Marvel’s current and classic comic titles. Fans outside of the US and Canada can still gain access using these second-stage steps: From within your computer, go to At the top of the page, select “Digital Comics.” You’ll see a list of Free Comic Book Day titles available for digital reading or download from The Marvel Vault. Click Next. Read through the information on subscriptions and payment methods, then click Continue to Sign Up.

Once you sign up at Complete My Marvel, receive an email with your account link and password.

DC Kids

DC Kids is a joint venture between DC Comics and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It features free comic books for kids throughout the year.


Libby is a free online library app that lets you borrow eBooks and audiobooks from over 31,000 libraries around the world. The main disadvantage is that it requires an existing library card to use.

Once you have your card, here are the steps to get your comics into Libby: Open Libby in your browser and sign in with your library card number and PIN. Search for “comics,” or go to the Comics section of the Comics+ Apps main menu. Select one or more books to borrow, choose Get It Now, then select a device to download it on. Watching mỷeadingmanga is a great way to get into reading manga as well.

Dark Horse’s Free Books:

Dark Horse Comics is a publisher of graphic novels, manga, and other licensed merchandise based in Milwaukie, Oregon. It’s one of the widest-distributed comic book publishers in North America and their catalo features properties such as Hellbox

Dark Horse has partnered with comitology to offer readers free digital issues of their comics! The comics are not just available on the original website but now comitology’s app is included as well.

Drive thru Comics:

Drive Thru Comics is one of the largest online comic book providers with an enormous selection of digital comics. One of the best things about them is that they have a great display for sorting by genre.


ComiXology is one of the most popular comic book apps in the world. They have more than 1 million downloads, and with more and more people discovering them each day from their iPhone app, it’s easy to see why.

Amazon Best Sellers:

If you’re already an Amazon customer, then you’re in luck – there are a ton of free comics that you can get from their “Best Sellers” section. Many of the comics posted here are limited time offers and are truly only available for the brief period that they’re featured. The internet has a thriving xyz webtoon industry.

Digital Comic Museum:

Digital Comic Museum is a fantastic site that won’t just show you free comics, but also how to legally get them! The site is broken down into 10 different categories, many of which are by publisher.

Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus has an amazing selection of movies and series, including all the Doctor Who episodes. You can check out comitology on the service for free with the Hulu Plus membership, then subscribe for $8.99 per month or $59.

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