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Hand Mixer buying guides: what to look for and where to find the best deals


If you’re in the market for a new stand mixer, you probably already know that they can be rather expensive. If you’re not ready to drop several hundred dollars on one of these kitchen stand mixers, it’s time to explore other options. One such option is hand mixers, which have improved dramatically over the years, and now perform just as well as their larger counterparts if not better in some cases.

What is a hand mixer?

If you’re making a smoothie, preparing cookie dough or whipping up some pancake batter on a whim, the best Hand Mixer can be indispensable. With their rotating beaters and simple operation, these small appliances allow you to complete multiple kitchen tasks without heating up your oven or plugging in your stand mixer. Hand mixers are available in models with either two or three beaters; choose two if you plan on doing a lot of heavy mixing, like kneading bread dough; three-beater models are ideal for lighter jobs like whipping egg whites. Most hand mixers come with attachments that allow you to puree fruits and vegetables into baby food or whip cream by hand. All come with detachable beaters that make cleanup easy.

Things to consider before you buy

Hand mixers are incredibly popular for several reasons. They’re portable, convenient, inexpensive, and versatile. But with a few different types of mixers available (manual vs. digital), it can be hard to choose one without doing some research first. That’s why we’ve come up with a detailed guide outlining all of your options. So before you buy, take a moment to read our buying guide below. Afterward, you should be ready to hit up Amazon and see which mixer is right for you!

Best places to find good deals on hand mixers

The most obvious place is a well-known store like Target or Walmart. However, if you’re serious about saving money on hand mixers, you may be better off looking online. Most sites that specialize in kitchen supplies will stock many types of mixers at different price points. This way, you can compare prices against similar models from well-known brands like KitchenAid, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach. Plus, if you’re concerned about making sure your mixer will last a long time, it never hurts to check reviews of whatever model you’re interested in. If there are several bad reviews regarding longevity issues on an otherwise good product, it might be a good idea to keep shopping around—or give up entirely on that particular brand or model.

Some tips and tricks when using your hand mixer

If you’re wondering how to use a hand mixer, there are many things you can do with it. You can use it mix batters, sauces or frostings; or when making homemade ice cream in a metal bowl using your electric mixer. You can also beat egg whites into stiff peaks or whip cream. When using your hand mixer, always remember that there are certain types of batters and mixtures that you need to be cautious about mixing together as some may not work well with others. For example, don’t mix oil-based mixtures with water-based ones such as cake batter because one might end up separating from the other during mixing. Also remember not to overload your bowl so that everything has enough room to move around during whipping or beating so that it doesn’t get too thick.

Maintenance care of your hand mixer

Hand mixers are not very durable in comparison to stand mixers. However, with proper care, your hand mixer can be used long enough so that you will have enough time between when you need a new one. As such, make sure that when your hand mixer is not in use, it should be placed in an upright position or hung on a hook. Aside from placing it in its box after using it or cleaning it if necessary, there are other things that you need to know about handling your hand mixer. If something goes wrong during its operation or after use, do not try to open it up by yourself. Simply remove all its parts and submerge them into hot water so that they can loosen up without burning your hands.


Hand mixers are usually considerably less expensive than their larger stand mixer cousins, so if you’re not making large batches or frequently mixing dough, they can be a good option. They’re also very portable, fitting easily into any kitchen drawer or cupboard. Hand mixers work well with most batters and doughs; they whip up everything from scrambled eggs to biscuit dough with ease.

Pros & Cons

A hand mixer, sometimes called a stand mixer, is an important kitchen tool that enables you to easily mix ingredients when baking or preparing recipes. When choosing a hand mixer, it’s essential to consider whether you prefer a corded or cordless model; such appliances offer different advantages. An electric hand mixer with a cord makes it easy to use without having to worry about batteries or missing an outlet. However, one potential drawback of these models is they tend not be as lightweight and portable as ones with cords that detach from their base. On the other hand, if you don’t have ample counter space in your kitchen and need mobility while cooking, then investing in an electric hand mixer that doesn’t have a cord might be right for you.



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