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Hair Oil for Hair Growth: Use Oil for Long, Thick and Strong Hair



As a child, grandmothers often massaged our hair by applying oil. Actually hair oil is very beneficial for hair. It not only removes stress but also helps in keeping the hair healthy. Applying oil nourishes the hair making hair long, thick and strong.

Hair oil should be applied daily to strengthen the hair. Due to this there is no problem of dandruff, dryness and hair breakage and fall. There are many types of hair oils available in the market. You should buy good hair oil for you so that your hair is not damaged.

Hair Oils for Hair

Coconut Oil

Coconut hair oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It removes the problem of bacteria or fungus in the scalp and prevents hair breakage. It contains fatty acids that nourish the hair, giving shine to the hair. Massaging the hair with coconut oil makes hair grow.

Oil for Long Hair

Health experts say that hair oil for hair growth should be applied daily for the strength of the hair. Due to this there is no problem of dandruff, dryness and hair breakage and fall.

How are Hair Oils Beneficial for Hair

Oils are also very beneficial for hair growth. Oils work to nourish the hair, due to which the hair starts growing longer and thicker. Along with this, by massaging the hair oil on the hair, the blood circulation of the head is also good, due to which the hair gets benefit.

Best Hair Oil for Long Hair

Castor Oil

Castor hair oil is most helpful in making the hair thicker. By applying castor oil regularly on the hair, the hair grows twice as fast. Castor oil is a bit thick, so it should be mixed with any other oil and applied on the hair.

Olive Oil

It is also considered good for hair growth. With its use, other hair problems like hair fall, hair fall, two-faced hair and itching problem in the head also start getting cured.

Coconut Oil

Regularly massaging coconut hair oil on the hair nourishes the hair and keeps the hair long, thick, dark and strong. In Ayurveda too, great importance of coconut hair oil for hair has been told.

Almond Oil

It contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which work to nourish the hair, due to which the hair starts growing faster.

Tea Tree Oil

It is an essential hair oil extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, which is beneficial for problems related to the scalp. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful in keeping the hair healthy and growing them faster.

Hair Oil Massage

Massaging oil on the scalp is considered very beneficial to keep the hair healthy. It is said that it nourishes the hair and adds shine to it. There are many benefits of massaging the scalp with oil. As hair becomes shiny, weak hair gets nourished and hair grows thick and long, but here also you need to be a little careful.

Yes, if you do not take care of some special things in oil massage of the head, then you may have to suffer loss instead of benefit. Here we are going to give you some important tips related to applying oil in the hair, with the help of which you can get all the benefits of oil massage.

Heating Oil Before Applying

Oil massage not only nourishes the hair but also relaxes the mind. If you warm or warm it slightly before applying oil on the head, then the oil can easily reach the hair and scalp (skin of the head) and it is also more beneficial for health.

How to Heat Oil

You can put oil as required in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds or you can heat it lightly by keeping the bowl of oil in hot water. Keep in mind that the oil should not be too hot, as excessive heating can reduce or destroy the nutrients present in the oil.

Fast Massage

Many people massage fast while applying oil, but let us tell you that doing so can damage the hair and cause it to break and fall. Massaging the scalp vigorously can tangle the hair and also damage the roots of the hair so that they can easily fall out and break. It is good to massage in circular motion with light hands.

Massage with Oil

Massaging by mixing two different oils is more beneficial. You can mix coconut oil and argan oil or mustard oil with a few drops of olive oil and apply on the scalp. With this, you will be able to get the benefits and nutrients from the two oils. You can massage the hair with any oil of your choice.

Tying Hair

Often people tie the hair tight after massaging the head, while this should not be done with hair after oil massage.


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