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Guide for a One-Year Fashion Design Degree


The one-year Diploma in Fashion and Design course covers the fundamentals of acquiring all important designing abilities, such as high inventiveness, good drawing ability, and strong visualization skills, which make it simple to get a job in the design sector. Delivering high-calibre designs that are both visually pleasing and practical is the primary goal. Numerous work prospects in India and worldwide exist for students enrolled in short-term courses in the Fashion Designing program in a variety of fields, including fashion, style, garment production, designing, etc.

Criteria for Admission to a Fashion Design Diploma

Candidates must have at least a 45% overall grade point average in their 10+2 coursework to be eligible for admission toward the one-year diploma in the fashion designing program in India. For various institutions, there are various qualifying requirements. There are entrance tests for admittance to colleges or organizations that require a diploma in fashion design. Aspirants over the age of 16 are eligible to apply and enroll in the Diploma in Fashion Designing program; there is no set age requirement or restriction.

Admissions Procedures for a Fashion Designing Diploma

Both on-site and online applications are accepted for the Diploma in Fashion program in India. For admission to the Diploma in Fashion Designing Admissions Program, several colleges provide both direct admissions and entrance-based admission. The selection of applicants for the program is made solely based on their grades from high school or college as well as their performance on several entrance examinations. As a result, to be considered for admission, candidates must meet the requirements for the Diploma in Fashion Designing, which are based on a mix of grades from their 10+2 coursework. The several admissions processes for the short-term Fashion Designing courses are shown below:

How Do You Apply?

Candidates interested in pursuing a diploma in fashion design have the option of applying online or offline. According to the grades received in a secondary or upper secondary school as well as the results of several admission tests for the Diploma in Fashion Designing program, candidates are narrowed down for the program. By obtaining an admission form from the university or even the college’s website, hopefuls may apply again for a diploma in the Fashion Designing program.

Process of Selection

After choosing a course for the Diploma in Fashion Designing, the university or institution conducts a written exam, an in-person interview, counseling, and discussion groups. According to the qualifying requirements for the Diploma in Fashion Designing courses that the applicants have met, as presented by the college or university administration, the applicants are assigned seats.

Popular Tests for the Fashion Design

The students might take any of the several admission tests for the Diploma in Fashion Design degree in India. Both taking admissions tests and having a strong 10+2 academic record are requirements. The students might enroll in the program at a reputable institution or university. The following are some of the top and required entry examinations for the Diploma in Fashion Design program: NIFT, CEED, NID UCEED, DAT, and SOFT.

Rapid scan At the Diplomas in Fashion Design Entrance Exams

The admission exams for the Diplomas in Fashion Design program feature a variety of questions about the history of fabrics, fashion trends, designs, color theory, marketing, and current events to assess applicants’ knowledge and skills about the program as a whole. The exam consists of MCQs with question types that don’t use a negative marking scheme.

  • Both English and Hindi are used for the admission test.

The admission test lasts for 120 minutes and includes questions on English grammar, basic knowledge, mathematical ability, communication skills, and analytical ability.

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