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Google refurbished phones and their benefits


Smartphones are getting costlier, the top-tier variants have already crossed the $1000 mark, and the spike in price is unabated. Couple it with the rising cost of living, general inflation, and depleting income levels, and buying a flagship phone becomes impossible.

But there is hope after all. Refurbished smartphones can solve your predicament and let you buy even the newer models.

Here we will discuss the phenomenon of refurbished smartphones, especially Google refurbished phones and spell out their benefits and why people should switch to them.

What is a refurbished smartphone?

A refurbished smartphone is offered for resale after the original buyer returns it shortly after purchasing it. It could be that the phone had some inherent minor defect or developed later.

The seller, most probably the original company here of the refurbished smartphone, thoroughly inspects it, removes the faults, and then offers it for resale at a considerably lower price.

Sometimes a third party undertakes the refurbishment on behalf of the original seller. It is offered for resale only after it has undergone various tests and is in perfect working condition.

Refurbished Google phones:

Refurbished Google phones are just like any other refurbished phone. Google has developed a range of smartphones and cultivated a loyal following. These phones offer valuable features and top-notch performance.

Phones like Google Pixel 7, 7Pro, 6, 5a etc., are popular among users and sell well in the market. 

Why should you buy a refurbished Google Pixel smartphone?

We now return to our original question of why you should buy a refurbished Google Pixel smartphone instead of a new one. We present some of the reasons below;

It won’t break your bank account:

This one was a no-brainer. Refurbished smartphones are cheap compared to the new ones, whose prices go through the roof. Sometimes, you get a cracking deal where you buy a more recent model in mint condition at a throwaway price. It is a win-win situation for all, where everyone benefits.

It is as good as new:

The main problem with pre-owned smartphones is you can never be sure of their quality. There is no way to judge the actual condition of the phone as you rely on your often inadequate knowledge and lady luck. 

But, when it comes to refurbished smartphones, you know the product is free from any shortcomings provided you are buying from a reputed seller or buying directly from the manufacturer.

An environmentally sustainable option:

Using a refurbished Google Pixel smartphone is eco-friendly. You contribute to reducing the e-waste which is piling up worldwide. It also eases the burden on the factories to produce new phones to meet demands. 

Producing a new phone eats up precious natural resources you will save now.

They carry a warranty:

Another big reason for buying refurbished smartphones is that they carry a warranty. The seller offers this warranty or should offer it after thoroughly checking the phone for any defects and removing them. 

It assigns a reasonable warranty time, adding value and appeal among buyers.

You get value for your money:

During the refurbishment, all the defective components are either replaced or repaired. Even the batteries are replaced with new ones. The phone gets a facelift and is as good as a new one. 

The best part is that you get everything at a very reasonable price. What more can you ask for? 

Money-back guarantee:

Almost every refurbished smartphone seller gives a money-back guarantee. It means if you, for any reason, are not satisfied with the quality or performance of the device, you can return it and get back your money. 

This feature gives you total security for your money. 

Free from any contract:

Many network providers offer you the latest Google Pixel model phones in instalments but on the condition that you must use their network. These network-locked phones inhibit your freedom and the right to choose. 

But not so in the case of Google refurbished phones. Here, you get a new phone without the restrictions of a contract.

From where can you buy refurbished Google Pixel phones?

Many sellers offer refurbished Google smartphones in Australia, but nothing beats Wisemarket. 

It is an incredible online marketplace to buy new, refurbished and used smartphones and accessories. What sets it apart is that it offers a 21-day money-back guarantee and a 13-month warranty. 

It also has a network of 50+ certified vendors and adequate arrangements for testing and repairing these phones. So, do give it a try.


Q: Should I buy a refurbished phone or a new one?

A: It’s your calling. If you have the money, go for the new one. But, we insist that even if you have the money, you should look up the refurbished one to save your cash and be environmentally responsible.

 Q: Do refurbished phones have new batteries?

A: It depends. But Wise Market replaces the batteries of all the refurbished phones, and other quality sellers follow this practice.


That is all on our topic about the reasons people should buy refurbished Google smartphones. It is an excellent way of saving money and helping the environment, provided you take caution about where you purchase the phone.


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