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Fresno Theme Park


A family fun adventure awaits you at Fresno Theme Park. For over 45 years, the park has been providing wholesome entertainment for families and groups of all ages. Check out our website today to plan your visit! Fresno Theme Park is just a short drive away. Fresno Theme Park has rides for all ages. Fresno Theme Park’s Halloween events are the best in the area. Fresno Theme Park is a great place for families with kids of any age. It is the perfect place to escape the heat of summer and cool down. Fresno Theme Park is a great family-friendly destination with something for everyone!

Is a Fresno Theme Park coming to Fresno?

Negotiations are underway for a Six Flags amusement park to come to Fresno County despite fervent denial from City of Vallejo officials. Sources confirm that talks have begun with the amusement park about the possibility of locating the tourist attraction in the area

What could be more fun than a theme park?

Fresno Theme Park is the perfect place to have family-friendly, wholesome entertainment. Visit Fresno Theme Park today! Fresno Theme Park has a new attraction. It will rock your world. You won’t be disappointed. Fresno Theme Park offers one of the cheapest ticket prices in North America as well as free parking!

Fresno Theme Park

Fresno Theme Park is opening! It has rides, water slides, food, and games for the whole family. If you buy a season pass now we’ll throw in discounted tickets to multiple parks. There are few things more disappointing than spending an entire day waiting to have fun, then realizing that it won’t happen. The Fresno Theme Park is the best place in town to spend time with family and friends. With over 25 rides including roller coasters, water slides, and carousel rides, this park has something for every age group. It’s not too late!

What is the biggest park in Fresno?

Woodward Park

Woodward Park is the biggest park in Fresno County spanning 300 acres. The park comprises five miles of trails, an authentic Japanese Garden, three playgrounds, and a dog park.

Fresno doesn’t have a theme park. Fresno deserves one! It has the population size, median income, and location to support it. Invest in Fresno Theme Park to attract families from all over California for family fun year-round! Visiting a theme park is often seen as an expensive outing. The tickets are high, and the food prices are too. So if you want to do it right, make sure you have your wallet in check! Get this pass at Fresno Theme Park which gets you 50% off every ride with no blackout dates or restrictions. Save money and memories that last forever!

Family Entertainment

Looking for a family-friendly place to go, but don’t know where to start? The possibilities are overwhelming – from animal exhibits to sports fields. You could spend days researching; only to find the whole thing was just one big let-down. Get ready for an adventure with Fresno Theme Park! With things like a 3D theatre, historic carousel, and petting zoo at hand; it’s tough not to have a good time here. Needing to plan for an upcoming trip, but everything is closed. How do we find the park? Is it still open? Do we need a reservation to visit? With a yelp, everything becomes easier!

Bottom lines

The Fresno Theme Park is looking for more people to come to visit them. They have rides that are fun, water slides that are challenging, and new food vendors coming in every day. The Fresno Theme Park has a lot to offer families but with its low admission cost, why not stop by today? It may be hot, but summer is the best time of year to make memories with the family. But without air conditioning, those memories are in jeopardy. Who has cash for a last-minute flight or an expensive room? Fresno Theme Park offers an affordable weekend break away from it all that includes lodging and theme park tickets – only $1 more than a night at home!

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