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Fresno Amusement Park


Fresno is a big place. It’s hard to decide where to go for a day of fun with the family. And not just the weather – which attractions are going to have something for everyone? Fresno Amusement Park has over 18 rides and attractions, including rides, water slides, mini golf courses, and bumper cars that span different age groups’ interests. The park also features carnival games such as wack-a-mole, midway games like darts or ring tosses, and traditional concession stands selling snow cones in many different flavors!

Fresno Amusement Park

On those scorching hot summer days, it’s the one thing we need to make us cool. But sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try, getting that cold drink is a chore. And once your drink arrives? It melts too fast! One more reason Fresno Amusement Park has everything: cooling cups with ice at every stand to enjoy refreshing frozen beverages throughout the day and a water park for unlimited fun on super hot days.

Ticket prices of Fresno Amusement Park

It has been a few years since you have taken your family to an amusement park. The prices, parking, long lines, and crowds of people make it not seem worth the hassle. But don’t forget that with Fresno Amusement Park less is more! It’s priced for any budget, and there is free parking (with limited spaces), no entrance fees or wait times at ride ticket booths which means quick and easy onsite concessions as well. Treat yourself this summer to a day at Fresno Amusement Park! Have a lot of fun with your family but no money to spend? Well, the Fresno Amusement Park is having an awesome giveaway that includes free admission for up to four people plus four food vouchers. That’s a good enough reason not to work today!

Friendly Amusement

Everyone deserves a day of fun. Yet for those without cars, that seems like a pipe dream. Stop dreaming! Make the memories of a lifetime at Fresno Amusement Park. Pack up your family and have an adventure on our scenic drive to the park, then enjoy thrill rides galore in 35 acres of palm trees and sunshiny landscapes. How are you going to beat the heat this summer? Sure, waterparks offer cool relief but it’s not all fun in the sun. Fresno Amusement Park has a full range of attractions and activities that will cool you off like no other. Whether looking for family-friendly amusement or simply craving a thrill, we have rides for every type of adventurer!

Family Adventure

Fresno Amusement Park is the place to go to have some family fun this summer. But it might be a little too far away for those of us who live in the Central Valley. Sure, we could fly or drive but that would cost more than we had budgeted for our vacation this year! The good news is that Fresno Amusement Park offers affordable packages to suit every budget and many different payment options including monthly installments!


This location used to be the location for Laser Tag but Ghost Golf took over a few years ago. Upon entering we were greeted by the owner or staff that were very friendly. They have golf clubs for children and adults. You get to pick your golf ball color and I believe they glow in the dark. There are 18 holes which were pretty good. It took us about two hours to get through the sequence. It definitely taught my niece patience, working through frustration, focusing, posture, and building self-esteem!

Is an amusement park coming to Fresno?

Negotiations are underway for a Six Flags amusement park to come to Fresno County despite fervent denial from City of Vallejo officials. Sources authorize that talks have begun with the amusement park about the possibility of locating the tourist attraction to the area.

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Bottom lines

This year, do the things that really make you happy. The only thing better than a day at Fresno Amusement Park is a day at Fresno Amusement Park with friends! Come visit our amusement park this summer to enjoy some laughs, good eats, and smiles galore. This Friday is your last chance for unlimited rides on our brand new Bumper boat attraction (not included in admission) – get here before 1 PM or be shut out of these truly awesome waters! Fresno, CA has grown into a large metropolitan city with more than 500 acres of land. Fresno Amusement Park offers the unique experience that is missing in many parks these days. Old-fashioned rides, corn dog stands, and people who know how to have fun! Come visit the most family-friendly park in town today.

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