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DMU Dubai Celebrates its First Cohort of Graduates in a Grand Graduation Ceremony


Graduation Ceremony… What is All About??

Every graduate has the right to attend the graduation ceremony, and every educational institution is responsible for making sure they do so. As part of our peers’ collective educational consciousness, it forms an integral part of university education. The ladder of success is built on this foundation. A graduation ceremony involves so much more than throwing caps, wearing academic gowns, and taking pictures. As such a great event happens as a result of hard work, dedication, morale, and discipline, it is a celebration of all that went into it. In keeping with our tradition, we strive to create a grand and surreal event for our graduates.

Faculty usually marches into a gym or auditorium ahead of the graduating class, regardless of whether it is a college or high school graduation. The majority of high school teachers wear professional clothing while college professors wear their academic attire. Pomp and Circumstance begins the procession once the faculty has sat down. A standing ovation greets the graduates as they enter. Class marshals guide students to their seats and instruct them when to stand and sit. Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem are usually played after the procession. At the graduation ceremony, everyone will be welcomed by the principal or president of the high school or college. In addition to the president, everyone in the class will be welcomed.

In Dubai, Graduates are Honored at a Graduation Ceremony:

The first cohort of Leicester University students in Dubai, UAE, graduated on November 9, 2022. At the De Montfort University Dubai campus in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), graduation took place. In addition to providing a fitting send-off to its MBA (Global) graduates, the event also showcased the unique values and ambitions of the region and the businesses they will contribute to. In the UAE and the whole Gulf region, the university’s innovative approach to education embeds sustainable education and supports students’ growth in personal and professional development, economic development, and human capital development.

In Addition to Being Named a Global Hub:

For one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 16), DMU is the only higher education institution in the UK to achieve the goal. During this year’s ceremony, DMU reinforced its commitment to providing graduate students with a global and diverse learning experience while providing opportunities for networking with industry.

A Campus in Dubai Provides DMU:

With an unparalleled opportunity to establish a global footprint, allowing us to make a positive contribution to the city and region, says Professor Katie Norming ton, Vice Chancellor of DMU. The quality of UK higher education is among the best in the world, and we take pride in it.” A total of 300 guests attended the graduation ceremony event, including graduates, their families, VIP networks, industry experts, faculty, staff, and DMU Leicester alumni and Enterprise representatives.

DMU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Katie Norming ton delivered a keynote address during the event. Additionally, Prof. Michael Gallimore (Head of Campus) and Prof. Simon Bradbury (Pro Vice-Chancellor International) congratulated the graduates. Pro VC International quotes Simon Bradbury as saying, “DMU’s mission is to transform the educational experience for our students. We encourage students to be entrepreneurs and stress sustainability as an essential part of their lives.” The event gave DMU graduates the opportunity to interact with DMU Leicester alumni and enterprise representatives, boosting their self-confidence. A dinner reception followed the lunch, where DMU’s recent graduates networked with alumni who discussed local and international industry opportunities and pathways for their careers. Having the opportunity to celebrate in person this momentous occasion was a great pleasure for DMU’s faculty and students.

The National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards in the UK in February 2021 recognized DMU Leicester’s career and employability service, DMU Works, as the best university career and employability service. In addition to Engineering, Design, Computing, and Management foundation, postgraduate courses and undergraduate course, DMU Dubai offers a wide range of foundation, undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses.

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