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Different Types of Necklace Styles You Must Know About 


Just the way silver filigree earrings come up as a great piece of jewellery to accentuate your look, the necklace also adds more drama and makes you look put together. But the main problem is deciding on which type of necklace chains you must wear or add to your collection. After all, there are so many different necklace types, from heavy pendants and choker necklaces to chains and so much more. So when we go on a shopping spree to buy some necklaces, questions like what necklace length would be ideal, what’s the latest style, and so many more things. To help you out, we have compiled a list of all the most common types of necklaces that you can add t your jewellery collection. 

Types of Necklace Styles You Must Know About: 

Pendant Necklaces 

One of the most prominent necklace styles you will see around the world is the pendant necklace. These delicate necklaces have gained immense popularity because of their ability to show off different personalities. In addition, a pendant necklace is also very versatile and thus is a prime choice amongst women. The pendant part of the necklace hangs freely from the chain, which varies in length as per everyone’s choice. Some of the trending pendant necklace styles are initials, religious symbols, diamonds and astrological signs. 

Chain Necklaces 

A chain necklace is one of the most adaptable and versatile necklace types. Whether you have to attend a formal event, or something special, adding a chain necklace to your attire will surely elevate any look. Chain necklaces come in varied lengths and metal choices and complement all necklines. These types of necklaces could be single, stranded or double-stranded, depending on the chain length. Although they are easy to style on all types of outfits, they give the best look on turtle tops and plain dresses. 

Tennis Necklaces 

Just like tennis bracelets, tennis necklaces are also a very stylish option to adorn your neck. These remain one of the most timeless and elegant neckwear styles and are stylish enough to catch everyone’s attention gracefully. Moreover, the aesthetic of tennis necklaces makes it easy to style in different ways on various outfits. Typically, a tennis necklace consists of set diamonds paired with intricate links or simple prongs. This help creates a cohesive and polished piece of jewellery. 

Choker Necklaces 

This is yet another popular type of necklace every woman must have or know about at least. A dangle choker necklace looks perfect with all types of dresses but looks magnificent with deep neck or v-neck style tops or dresses. The best part about choker necklaces is that they go well with formal and informal outfits. Generally, the choker length is about 14 to 16 inches and is worn close to the neck. This is a special necklace-type that aims to showcase the delicacy of the neckline. It also looks very best with an off-shoulder top. 

Paperclip Necklaces 

One of the most recently popular necklace styles you can try is the paperclip necklace. These necklaces are an amazing representative of their name, featuring paperclip-like chain links and more. Paperclip necklaces are available in chunky styles, large patterns, and delicate and small versions. This unique style necklace looks ravishing with western dresses. In fact, it is one of the best neckwear for a basic outfit like a tee and jeans. 

Bib Necklaces 

Bib necklaces actually have a design that has been taken from the bibs worn by toddlers or babies. Babies wear bibs on the chest to prevent the spilling of food, but jewellery designers have made it something else for the neck. Bib necklaces are a bold and chunky piece of jewellery that cover the entire neck area and is available in different materials. This type of necklace includes a wide collar-like potion in a fancy design that tapers around the chest. 

Lariat Necklaces 

The lariat necklace is one all-around versatile piece of jewellery every woman must have in her collection. It is also known as a Y necklace and does not include a traditional clasp closure. Instead of that, in this necklace, one end of the necklace is looped through a circular pendant or element to keep the chain in place. This type of necklace is easy to style because its length can be modified as per different necklines. 

Opera Necklace 

You might not have heard about this necklace type, but it is a versatile piece of jewellery many women love. The length of the opera necklace is about 24-34 inches, and it usually rests above the waist region. As it is a very good length, it depends on the wearer’s choice to wear it as a multi-strand necklace, a basic necklace or sometimes as a choker. 


So, there you have it; these are the most versatile and stylish design necklaces you must have in your collection. No matter what the occasion is or what sort of outfit you are wearing, these necklaces have the efficiency to accentuate your look in amazing ways. So, hurry and add the ones you need to your collection. 



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