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Benefits of Buying Dettol Handwash in Bulk


“Washing our hands after touching common surfaces such as door knobs or handles or after we come back home from a public place will keep ourselves and others around us safe” – W.H.O 

Most medical associations across the world recommend hand hygiene to prevent germs from spreading. A number of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases can be kept at bay by simply practicing basic hand hygiene.

This is more important in clinics and hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants and places with a high risk of contamination.

Focus Handwashing

The World Health Organisation (WHO) promotes hand hygiene and believes using a handwash is a very effective tool to prevent COVID-19. While washing our hands, we must focus on three essential aspects:

1.Handwashing with soap or liquid handwash and water

2.Use of hand sanitiser or hand rub

3.Use of high-quality products

Millions of households, offices, and schools across the country trust Dettol liquid handwash to keep staff and customers safe. Along with the Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub, the Dettol Liquid Handwash is one of the essential products in your hand hygiene toolkit.

When Should You Use Dettol Handwash?

Washing your hands with Dettol Handwash and water significantly reduces the spread of germs. These are some instances when washing your hands  with Dettol is essential:

✔Before and after preparing food, cooking, and eating

✔Before and after medical examinations or caring for sick people

✔After using the toilet

✔After changing diapers

✔After sneezing, coughing or rubbing the nose

✔After yard work or gardening, handling pets, cleaning the home or office

✔After handling trash

✔After getting home from school, the office or a public space

✔After touching hotspots like tables, countertops, doorknobs of offices, handrails in the train and bus.

If you are a business administrator, placing a liquid soap dispenser with Dettol handwash in your restrooms, pantries and sinks is essential.

Let us take a look at some of the top reasons to buy Dettol handwash liquid.

Why Pick Dettol Handwash?

The Indian Medical Association recommends Dettol Liquid Handwash for its ability to kill bacteria, viruses, and pathogens and protect from 100 disease-causing germs. The soap-free formula of the Dettol Liquid Handwash contains 85% naturally derived and plant-derived ingredients. This makes for hygienically clean hands without the harsh chemicals present in soaps and cleansers such as TCC or Triclosan.

In fact, the Dettol Liquid Handwash offers ten times better germ protection than ordinary soap. It also provides more lather and a better experience. The convenient Dettol Liquid Handwash Refill 5-litre pack is perfect for use at homes, offices, and schools.

Ordering Dettol Handwash in Bulk

While washing hands is an intrinsic part of hygiene, it is also important to stock up on a handwash that is gentle on the hands irrespective of how many times it is used. For this, Dettol Handwash is the go-to solution for the best cleaning and care.

The Dettol brand is loved and trusted, and Dettol products will be available in your neighbourhood stores. As a hospital, office, school administrator, or restaurant manager, you should make sure you keep your Dettol Handwash refills in bulk and stock up: so that you never run out of this essential product. Of course, you can buy in bulk from supermarkets, but the Dettol Pro Services site offers, by far, the best deals.

Dettol Pro Services

The Dettol Pro Services portal is designed to support businesses and industries in planning and ordering all their cleaning and disinfestation needs. When you raise a query on the https://dettolproindia.in/ website, a Dettol Pro Solutions expert will get in touch with you. The expert will understand your cleaning and sanitation needs, help you with industry insights, resource planning, identifying hotspots, and bulk ordering Dettol products.

The Dettol Pro Services portal also helps with cleaning and sanitising training for your housekeeping staff and cleaning crew. In addition, the site offers up to 40% discount on bulk orders. This means you can save on the Dettol Handwash 5 litre price when you plan and order through the site. 
Depending on the order value, you can also avail free shipping in select metro cities.

Encouraging Handwashing in Schools and Offices

It is important to encourage healthy hand hygiene habits in schools, offices, and workplaces. From childhood to adulthood, it’s vital we are reminded of our responsibilities to others, and ourselves. Apart from stocking up on Dettol Handwash Liquid, you can also create instructional posters and run training videos demonstrating the right way to wash hands. Keeping your family, staff, and customers safe from germs and diseases is well worth the effort.



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