Saturday, June 3, 2023

Benefits of Bathroom Tiles You Should Be Aware Of


Have you ever wondered why more individuals than any other material opt for tiles when remodelling their bathrooms at home?

The reason is that bathroom tiles have a number of advantages over other types of flooring. For bathrooms, tiles are a sage and time-tested choice. In a steamy, hot bathroom, they work great for walls, counters, and even floors.

Here are seven factors to consider when deciding whether or not tiles are a viable option for your bathroom design.

  1. It’s Critical to Have Moisture Resistance

Today’s bathrooms not only have to deal with the constant presence of wetness, but also with the advent of abrasive cleaners, cutting-edge shampoos, and soaps that risk damaging the walls, worktops, and floors.

Ceramic Floor Tiles are impervious and do a wonderful job of withstanding this sort of extreme climate. Although stone tiles can be utilised in damp conditions, they should be protected to prevent surface damage from abrasive chemicals. You won’t feel as though you’re tempting doom by getting out of this bathtub and onto a tile floor if it’s kept up properly!

  1. More manageable in wet environments

The issue is not with the water itself. Other types of materials in a bathroom may be more difficult to keep clean than tiles because of the mould and mildew that comes with it. When water soaks underneath laminates, it can cause the glue to come loose, causing the laminates to collapse and warp. This creates dark spaces where mould can grow, leading to an extremely unsanitary environment. Since it is so noticeable, mould and mildew are especially undesirable in bathrooms with white walls. It is much simpler to maintain tiles looking neat and tidy if you employ them, like in this design.

  1. It Is Exactly Right for Radiant Heating

When combined with radiant heating, tiles will retain heat more than other materials. When radiant heating is used, stone in particular may become cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In general, tiles carry heat far better than wood or laminate flooring. Other materials, which expand and contract with the heat cycle, will also crack and deteriorate over time. White Marble Tiles and stone tiles are perfect for radiant heating because they don’t have that issue. What a pleasant surprise it would be to step out of the bathtub onto this marble tile and feel radiant heating on your feet.

  1. Choice that is robust and long-lasting

Making tiles for your bathroom is an investment that will last for a very long time. Tiles are a very durable material because they are so hard. According to the National Association of Home Builders, ceramic tile should last at least 75 years and stone tile should last at least 100 years with adequate maintenance. Before doing anything to the tiles, you would definitely need to redo the grout. Comparatively, laminates only have an optimal lifespan of 5 to 10 years, and in high-traffic areas like restrooms, they only have a lifespan of 2 years. When you can have a bathroom floor covered with tiles that will last almost forever, why keep buying throw rugs?

  1. There won’t be any off-gassing.

It is known as off-gassing to refer to the process that some synthetic materials go through. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are released by materials like plastic and laminate, eventually contaminate indoor air. People who are chemically sensitive and allergic to things find them particularly challenging. It’s still something you shouldn’t be breathing for healthy people. Since Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tile and stone tiles are constructed of natural materials rather than synthetic ones, they do not release gases. It is important to stay away from laminates and other synthetic materials if you wish to maintain a healthy indoor atmosphere. Even the glues used in some flooring constructions have been known to release gases. Due to the tiles used in its construction, this earthy, green pattern is in natural tones and won’t release any off-gassing.

  1. Your Design Possibilities Are Endless.

You might believe that because tiles need to be cut by a stonemason, they can only be made in geometric and straight-edged patterns. However, waterjet technology is used to generate complicated curves in contemporary tile designs. With this revolutionary tool, you can design anything you want and have it cut precisely each time. You can use complicated curves, circles, and other stone materials to personalise your design, like in the case of this one.

  1. Extremely cost-effective

It is true that tiles—whether they are made of ceramic or stone—cost more than other types of construction supplies. However, they stay a lot longer and in better condition because to their resilience and moisture resistance. Because you do not need to replace them as frequently as you would laminate, wood, or vinyl, even though you pay more up front, you really pay less over time. Additionally, they can resemble a piece of art in your house.



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