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All About The Best Fabric Materials For Designer Kurtis 


We can surely say without a doubt that no piece of clothing can match the versatility of a Kurti or kurta set. The best part about this ethnic wear is that you can wear it in any setting, and it comes in a wide range of varieties. From different shapes and colours to embellishments and embroidered kurta pant set, there are so many options to choose from. But, especially when we talk of designer Kurtis, we should never compromise on the fabric. The fabric you choose for your Kurti or Kurti set should be comfortable and should make it easy for you to carry the outfit. Even if Kurti is considered the comfiest ethnic wear, it will make no sense if you do not choose the right fabric. 

Importance of Fabric For Kurtis

People of India prefer wearing different colours and fabrics during different seasons and weather. It actually makes sense also because different weathers, seasons or occasions demand a different type of fabric. For example, some fabric materials are good for the summer season, while others are better for cold climates. These factors play an important role in the ladies in India choosing the Kurti fabric. 

Ultimately, we want to get a fabric for our Kurti that is relaxing and makes you feel comfortable for the whole day. Just the way colour, trend, and specific embroidery are the few factors we consider before buying our favourite Kurti or Kurti set. It’s also important to consider the fabric material for your designer Kurtis. Now, let’s discuss some of the best fabric materials for designer Kurtis. 

Best Fabric Materials For Designer Kurtis

In our daily life, we come across a wide range of fabrics. Having in-depth knowledge of the right fabric material can help you choose the best fabric for you. So, here is a detailed guide about different types of fabric that are primarily used when crafting designer Kurtis or kurta sets. 

Cotton Kurtis 

Cotton is a favourable fabric when it comes to the summer season. It is, in fact, one promising choice for a summer wardrobe. As summers are sweaty, we need some soft, lightweight, and relaxing clothing material. Cotton fabric has the great water-absorbing quality and absorbs sweat without causing you any discomfort. It is a very well-known fabric for making Kurtis or kurta set with dupatta  in India. Due to its lightweight nature, it is easy to carry all day long without any discomfort. 

Rayon Kurtis 

Many people actually think that rayon is a synthetic fabric that causes you to sweat. But that’s a big myth that needs to be busted today. Rayon is a natural fibre derived from cellulose. This fabric has a flowy characteristic similar to that of silk and is very breathable. It is also a favourite fabric when it comes to crafting Indian wear like Kurtis, kurta sets and more. Rayon is also comfortable to wear for longer periods of time and is quite a prominent fabric choice. In addition to that, rayon Kurti dyes very well, and thus you can find them in a wide range of colours and prints. 

Crepe Kurtis 

One of the most flexible fabrics that you will often find in designer Kurtis is crepe. This fabric does not fade easily and gets fewer creases and wrinkles. The texture of crepe fabric is smooth and of the highest quality. Due to its sturdy nature, you will find crepe Kurtis in a wide range of availability. In addition to that, this fabric is super easy to drape and very lightweight. You must have one crepe Kurti in your wardrobe.

Silk Kurtis 

Silk is one of the best and most loved fabrics for designer Kurtis. The fabric’s soft buttery texture makes it so fluffy and smooth to carry the entire day. There’s actually nothing more classy and unique than a silk Kurti. It can be as dazzled or plain as you want. Just remember this fabric does not absorb sweat, so it’s definitely not much of summer wear fabric. However, the luxurious texture of the fabric makes it a suitable choice for parties and festive occasions. 

Georgette Kurtis 

Even if they are the less preferred fabric for Kurtis, nowadays, the market is bringing its charm back. You can find a wide range of printed georgette designers, Kurtis, in amazing designs and patterns that look amazing on all body types. Especially the floral georgette Kurtis is quite an in-trend nowadays. This fabric is easier to care for as it does not crease very easily. The fabric is durable and does not crease very easily. 

Modal Kurtis 

You might have seen the demand for modal Kurtis increasing day by day. Modal is a popular Indian fabric that is derived from beechwood. It is one eco-friendly alternative to cotton because the tree consumes less water than cotton plants. In addition, it is an extremely comfortable soft, breathable material that does not crease very easily. As a result, it is easier to care for and also does not likely shrink—one of the best kurta fabrics for designer chikankari Kurtis. 


So, these are the fabrics that are ideal for crafting designer Kurtis or kurta sets. Now you also know about the fabric’s different characteristics, so you can easily pick the right fabric Kurti for your various occasions. Whether you have to choose a Kurti for a wedding function or for your daily wear needs, you require a suitable comfortable fabric every time. All these above-mentioned fabrics can be your pick. So, go check out which one you like the most.



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