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What are The 15 Top Activities for a Family Dubai Tour?


Are you looking for an activity to do in Dubai? Roaming Routes try to cover all the best activities you can try in Dubai. If you are looking for Dubai Tour Package from India, Roaming Routes offers you its best Dubai Tour Package. In this article, Roaming Routes, try all the fun activities and places you should try.

These are the Fun Activities and Places you should Try:

Enjoy fun-loving rides at Ferrari World.

Get the world’s fastest roller coaster ride at Ferrari World. You can find everything in one place, from world-class rides to Italian cuisine. Take a tour to the next level with the fabulous rides of Ferrari World. The opening time is 11 am to 8 pm, so schedule your day accordingly.

A day with a showcase of Flowers

 From a teddy bear to Emirates A380 in Miracle Garden, it is the perfect place for a family. In the miracle garden, you see yourself with all-around flowers. You have a variety of flowers you will find in one place. Miracle garden delights you with the eye-catching design and shape of the flowers.

Sandboarding at Desert Safari

Another great place for the family is “Dubai Desert Safari”. Get various rides at desert safaris like camel rides, quad bike rides, and sand boarding. Your child will love sandboarding. In the evening, enjoy the sunset view at Desert Safari, with a bbq dinner and take a look at the belly dance.

 You never explore in a Single day.

Dubai Mall is a great place to shop, entertain, and eat. One of the most exciting things to see here is the 155 million years old Dinosaur Skeleton which you never find anywhere in the world. Dubai Mall is a place you can never explore in a single day; now, you can get an idea of how long it is. Remember to go ice skiing with your children. Shock your children with the unique and first underwater zoo at Dubai Mall. Explore the various aquatic animals and get a more exotic feeling than ever. 

A day with Dancing Fountain

 With the night beauty of Dubai, Dubai Fountain adds more charmer through its dancing Fountain. With live music and a dancing fountain, what could be better than this? You can take a lake ride to get a close-up view of Dubai Fountain. Find the Dubai trip package, which gives you these things in one package.

Excitement day with Wild Water Park

It’s time to give more excitement to your trip with the wild water park. Get the thrilling rides and slides. Whether you are a child or young, it’s a great play area. From relaxing pool to thrilling rides, wild water park have something for everyone, from delicious food to fun wild wadi, nothing left to make your day better.

A day with Global Village

 If you find a place,  From shopping to entertainment, street food to fireworks, it has something for everyone. In Global Village, there are lots of stunt shows that you love. Range of activities. 

Shark Safari in Adventure Waterpark

 It is one of the best waterparks and the favourite tourist activity in Dubai. It is not only a Waterpark it offers to see marine animals from which you never get bored. You can take a Shark Safari and surround yourself with sharks, fish, and marine animals. If you want to experience the Dolphin, Aquantenture waterpark offers you a free ticket, so take advantage of it. Just go and grab the Free ticket. Adventure waterpark has the most significant kids’ zone. It’s a fantastic place for your kids with a range of water slides, rally racers and exciting things you cannot find anywhere.

Sky Diving with the view of Palm Island

Sky Diving: While taking Sky Diving, experience sky driver with you. Get a new experience and enjoy the view of Dubai in the sky with the beautiful view of Palm island. Every visit should to Dubai, try this Sky Diving to get out of the fear of heights. And add a lifetime memorable experience to your life. Before doing Sky diving, carefully listen to the skydiving trainer.

A look to the future

Explore the Museum of the future and this Museum’s rare or unique structure, which surprises you. An unexpected place you have never seen. Explore the future of tomorrow and the things that will come in the upcoming years. The Museum shows you the future and makes you feel closer to the future. In the Museum of the future, you see the space station and what the space looks like. It’s an excellent place to think more about the future than you think in your daily life and take your mindset to another level.

Dinner at Dubai Marina Cruise

 Take the following look at the beautiful place of Dubai, the “Dubai Marina”. And have dinner at the Dubai Marina cruise. A perfect place to visit in the evening at an affordable price, it also offers a vegetarian buffet. The fabulous lifetime experience, dinner at cruise with the night view of Dubai.

With the Amazing Shows of Dolphins

Dolphin Dolphinarium is a fun place for family or Honeymoon couples. Watch the dolphins where they show their skills like dancing and singing. One of the most fantastic and unrealistic experiences in the UAE. A stunning place for a dolphin show and interact with the live show of Dolphin. 

A glimpse of Bollywood

 Explore the first Bollywood theme park. Don’t think twice. Just go with the Bollywood theme park. Enjoy the family ride in the Bollywood theme park. This theme park offers excellent rides and live performances, with mouth-watering delicious food in Bollywood theme park.

Experience the Hot Air Ballon

Take one of the unique rides of Dubai’s Hot air balloon in Dubai Desert Safari. Through hot air balloons, it’s a great chance to explore Dubai Dune. It’s a fantastic ride for family, friends, or couples.

A Dinner in the Sky

 Enjoy dinner in the sky view and Dubai’s most iconic place. A place where you go up to 40 meters in the sky where you can eat something and view Dubai. Take a ticket to the Flying cup and enjoy the variety of foods while sitting in the sky. At Last, look for a Dubai Package which provides all these fun activities.

Enjoy all the activities of Dubai, which you never miss out on. Connect to Dubai after doing these activities in Dubai. These are the unlimited fun which you should try in Dubai. It will delight you, and you will love coming back.

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