Wednesday, February 8, 2023

6 things to know before getting a new puppy


Having a puppy is exhausting, but if it is your first time buying a puppy, I will share my experience so it would be beneficial to you. The daughter loves the puppy very much, and you can gift them new puppy & it’s supplements with pet circle coupon code on her next birthday. So it is not just going to the market, asking for a puppy, bargaining, and coming back home.

Things you need to do before getting a new puppy:

When does having a puppy get easier?

You can buy a puppy when it ages 4-5 months as it will be a little mature and can adjust with your children more quickly. You may not buy a puppy at his age from 6-8 months as it is in this period your puppy may face hormonal changes and can cause trouble in a new environment; if your children love a naughty puppy so you can get it at its age around 3-6 months. It shows unusual behavior like chewing, barking, house soiling, jumping and counter surfing. Puppies become calm at 12 months, but if you want it for yourself, it will be nice because parents may love calm puppies. You will experience lousy puppy behaviour as the first two or three weeks are the hardest for the puppy to adjust to a new environment. This period is known as puppy blues. You may be depressed, but don’t leave it in a difficult time as it may be an obedient dog soon.

Which puppy breed do you like the most?

The most popular breeds here in Australia are golden retriever, Labrador retriever, French bulldog, Poodle and many more, but you will find Poodle puppies friendlier to humans than anyone else. It is hairier, so your kid loves to touch it, and it is also safe for your children as it doesn’t harm like other puppies. You can also check the shop by torching puppies and judging their responses.

How do you know where to buy from? 

You can search for authorized pet dealers in Australia on the website to buy the most beautiful puppy for your daughter. However, purchasing illegal or smuggled pets is unethical, and the puppy may be unfit in the Australian atmosphere. So, it may be that your puppy became ill, and your daughter will not like a sick puppy, so if anyone is selling you a puppy at a lower cost so no need to buy from him. Instead, pay more but get the more authentic puppy.

How do you know that my puppy is physically fit?

When you go to the shop, you may notice some puppies are lazy and continuously sleeping. Don’t buy them if your puppy’s illness can be coughing, sneezing, heavy panting, or difficulty breathing. A sick puppy may carry germs & bacteria that could harm your little son. You can also ask for a puppy medical certificate from the buyer. Then, give him the meat to test whether he is eating. You can also notice the puppy’s movements and compare them to make a better decision.

Things you need before getting a new puppy:

Most Australians order puppy supplies before getting a new puppy, as you may be in a difficult situation if your puppy is at home and needs supplies. Puppy supplies contain all necessities with a guide on how and when to use them, as most of us need more knowledge.

Follow the puppy guide week by week:

Your children love puppies so much. They may play with it all the time. It may be better to read articles and journals to care for your healthy puppy in a better way. So, you will learn the timing of its food, first aid treatment when it is sick, and things not to do with a puppy. You may even go for a weekly check-up of your puppy to get a doctor’s advice.


Raising a litter of puppies indoors may be exhausting, but you won’t leave your puppy alone. Be with it for your whole life.



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