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A List of Free Online Finance courses in Delhi


The Economic Development Authority of Delhi (EDA) has put together a list of free online finance courses in Delhi that students can take to get started in their financial planning journey. The EDA has also created a guide that can help students better understand the different types of loans and how they could be best suited for them.

1. CFI

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is the place to be if you want to develop your analytical and financial skills. The four finance courses taught in Delhi are Free financial modelling courses with MS Excel, CFA Program Prep, the Investment Banking Program, Advanced Excel, and Visual Basic for Applications. The good news is that Indian students have access to more online learning opportunities than anywhere else.


YMCA Institute of Media Studies and Information Technology was founded in 1927 by the Delhi YMCA. The YMCA has made significant progress in recent years in expanding its capacity for Free financial modelling courses and educational initiatives.

Certificate programs in banking and finance are available from the YMCA in Delhi. Key issues in the field of management are covered, and the content is explicitly geared toward the educational and professional demands of executive-level employees. Those who have already completed high school are encouraged to apply to this certificate program since the credits earned can be applied to further education at another school. The academic year is broken up into two semesters of study.

This curriculum aims to help students develop into more effective managers by exposing them to real-world difficulties and assisting them in overcoming such challenges using statistical and analytical tools. They are meant to bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world management.

3. Trigya School of Business and Finance

Some Postgraduate Diplomas (PG) in Finance programs at Delhi’s ISO-accredited Trigya School of Finance Management (TSFM) are available to meet the needs of certain industries within the broader financial services industry. Because of this, students now have a higher opinion of the institution.

4. Wall Street university

The institution has many campuses in India; the most prominent are in Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurugram. Over 7,000 students from 190 countries have been taught by The Wall Street School how to handle their money since the institution’s inception in 2009.

The Free financial modelling courses and Valuations course is open to all and actively seek participation from students of all academic backgrounds. In terms of economics and banking, this subject has no prerequisites. Anyone with interest in personal finance management can gain from its contents.

Students will leave the six-week course prepared for full-time career or internship opportunities. Therefore, the program focuses on conversation and case studies rather than lectures to attain this end.

The course goals are met through live, instructor-led sessions, on-demand videos, and hands-on, in-person coaching. In addition, the Indian financial services industry has approved all Wall Street programs broadcast in Delhi. Not only that, but after a student has obtained a position, they are guaranteed to be reimbursed for 60% of their initial investment.

5. IMI

The Institute for Management and Innovation receives funding from major firms, including ITC, Nestle, and Tata Chemicals (IMI). The first campus opened in 1981, and since then, two more have been established on the subcontinent of India. It is compatible with the IMD Lausanne (also known as the IMI Geneva).

The International Management Institute (IMI) is a popular option for major companies in Delhi seeking Free financial modelling courses because of its well-respected curriculum. In addition, we offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance and other financial-related courses.

There are some related goals for two years and six trimesters. The teachings have a good framework. The curriculum is aimed toward postgraduates; thus, applicants must either be recent graduates or have an equivalent mix of education and work experience.


In conclusion, some free online finance courses available in Delhi can give you the skills and knowledge you need to start or grow your financial career. These courses will offer students a good understanding of financial concepts and how to use them in their day-to-day lives.

CFI Education has a wide range of courses to fit your needs, so explore our selection today!



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